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    Thank you for bumping this! I read it for the first time tonight after it being referenced on the COTHisms thread...normally with these ridic long threads, I just avoid them until curiosity gets the better of me!

    I've been wondering about this crayon stuff for a looooooong time!

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    Hmm, I apparently posted in this thread, but I have no idea what I posted - probably something to do with the Flesh colour?

    Anyways, I started leafing through it trying to find what I wrote, but instead was fascinated by what I saw people wrote.

    It happens a fair amount though here on COTH, truth be told - and it is a form of mob mentality. Here we go on about judging people recklessly because they do not fit in with our standards of how things should be. "That person is _______" , "you are _______," "Why are you doing that, you idiot?" "That's not what -I- would do."

    It's easy to do.

    Then when you get groups of people who have similar thoughts, it's easier to think you're right because so many people think the same way way. Then you have some sort of ego trip over how much better you are than that person you are putting down, and you collectively feel this.

    I do agree with Arrow on some points, but not all.

    I think the mob mentality can be a part of human nature, especially since it's so integrated in today's society, but once it is realized that all negative thoughts, emotions, doings etc. that one has/does -only- reflects on the person thinking/doing them. This is what karma is, what sin is.

    Just because -YOU- think something, does not make it so.
    Let us eat, drink, and be merry. For tomorrow we die.

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    Bluesy, IIRC, the CCTL came to the OP's home and was quite aggressive....In this case once you ram your car through the OP's gate to gain entrance and write a nasty gram in red crayon, I think perhaps all bet's are off....But I hear ya
    Crayola Posse: Mulberry

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    Coloring books aside, I sure would like to know the updates on this situation. Like WHO was the OP?? Hmmm? And, WHAT is the COTH name of the crazy crayola trainer? Hmmm? And what ever happened in court? And, mostly, what is the current state of affairs in the new town!!

    I want to know:

    1 - Does OP have a lovely new indoor arena?

    2 - Does OP have some lovely new clients?

    3 - Does OP have a good rep in town?

    4 - Did CCTL try, as she promised, to ruin OP's reputation in town, and if so, what is HER reputation, as a result?

    5 - And finally, is CCTL actually still in the business of training horses and actually getting clients?

    6 - Where in the country is this happening, (in general) and anything more the OP feels free to divulge.

    Thank yew fer yer support.
    Airborne? Oh. Yes, he can take a joke. Once. After that, the joke's on you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeta View Post
    Bluesy, IIRC, the CCTL came to the OP's home and was quite aggressive....In this case once you ram your car through the OP's gate to gain entrance and write a nasty gram in red crayon, I think perhaps all bet's are off....But I hear ya
    I am quite aware of the situation, but I don't think labeling people (no matter if it's "crazy" or what not.) or making fun of people is very conducive to anything - especially one's well being.

    I recognize that the Crayon lady (I have no idea what her name is) did not act in a manner which was conducive (I like that word ) to herself, nor to the original poster.

    Everyone has choices. The OP and the Trainer lady who's name I do not know, (nor do I care to know) both had choices, some of which Arrow pointed out.

    They both made mistakes and got caught up in themselves. Hopefully they have both learned from their altercation. That is all that matters.

    A lot of people do ridiculous things, many people are terrified of other people for that reason.

    *Personally* I dislike labeling people, for the reasons I mentioned above.
    When I label someone, I feel that I am judging people, and I dislike to judge people, since we are all equal.

    I would rather feel compassion for all, rather then tell someone they are _______, because it puts me above (or sometimes below) them, and I do not like this feeling.

    I feel SO much better when I choose to harbor the positive, not the negative. my soap box now...
    Let us eat, drink, and be merry. For tomorrow we die.

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    And is the CCTL still writing notes in crayon or has she graduated to a sharpie.
    Delicious strawberry flavored death!

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    Okay admitting I did not read all 40 pages, but wow crazy thread. I just am a little confused on why a 10 year veteran of training would send their one dead broke horse to a trainer they don't know. Something about that seems off to me. So her farrier told her trainer was good, if you are in the business I would think you would want to watch the trainer, etc first. I know there was the issue of her farm not being ready... but she did have several other younger horses there. Would just make more sense to send one of the younger ones for training wouldn't it? I guess I am trying to figure out what it was that the OP was trying to have the CCTL accomplish with this completely dead broke horse? I know the thread is two years old plus, but that is just a little confusing to me and after stupidly spending time reading this thread I had to ask. Another point was OP said she didn't want to spend the gas money driving to CCTL's facility, yet in another post says they are neighbors and CCTL was suggesting walking her younger horses to her farm, I know gas was high in 08 but really? Something just seems off to me.

    Starting to think perhaps this was a great "novella" my apologies to OP if I am wrong here.
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