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    Mar. 14, 2004
    Left coast, left wing, left field


    Life is like a bowl of, oops, no -- a BOX of crayons. Some are sharp and some are dull, some are pretty, some are fugly, but it's no fun without a lot of variety.

    I'm an original-64-color gal myself. I shunnnnn crayola changes. Manatee? REEEEALLY?

    And I know and love Raw Umber and Burnt Sienna because... of course... those were the colors I used to draw HORSES!!! All I ever drew were horses. Silver (or, OK, sometimes gold) for the bit and stirrups. White for the bling. Maize for my hair. Ah it's all coming back to me now...

    P.S. BA don't be fooled, you are in my thoughts, and I'm hoping for the best.
    Shall I tell you what I find beautiful about you? You are at your very best when things are worst.

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    Jul. 21, 2006


    DQ would like to be Lazer Lemon please.

    Burnt Sienna and Raw Umber were the dullest crayons in my box too JoZ! Perfect horse colors!!
    For the entertainment of all.

    Sometimes mine got red saddles though.....what was I thinking??

    BA I do hope that the crayon trainer has heeded the restraining order.
    Last edited by DairyQueen2049; Jul. 10, 2008 at 09:45 AM.
    Crayola posse ~ Lazer Lemon yellow
    Take time to is too short a day to be selfish. - Ben Franklin

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    Aug. 18, 2003
    Davidsonville, MD


    Quote Originally Posted by JoZ View Post

    Here is a list of all 64 colors, for your selecting pleasure:
    I'll play! And do my very best to get everyone's colors right....I'm working from JoZ's list of colors, which doesn't quite match with what Wikipedia says, so if you would rather I do the Wikipedia list, then let me know and I'll try to change it...

    Apricot - eyesontheground
    Aquamarine - Justhanginon
    Bittersweet - Rebe
    Black - RNB
    Blue - Rancher
    Blue Gray - sproonee
    Blue Green - mcm7780
    Blue Violet - Saidapal
    Brick Red - pattnic
    Brown - jeano
    Burnt Orange - WalkInTheWoods
    Burnt Sienna - Cloudyandcallie
    Cadet Blue - Blind Alter
    Carnation Pink - talkofthetown
    Copper - paw
    Cornflower - Aimee Thanatogenus and *jumper*
    Flesh (later Peach) - hoopoe
    Forest Green - tbtula
    Gold - >MidlifeCrisis<
    Goldenrod - lcw579
    Gray - Iron Horse Farm
    Green - BuddyRoo and Galndolph58
    Green Blue - Jackalini
    Green Yellow - MajMeadowMorgans
    Indian Red (later Chestnut) - Beasmom
    Lavender - *Teddy* and Vivace
    Lemon Yellow - >DairyQueen2049< and >CamsMom<
    Magenta - Julz
    Mahogany - MardiGrasTimeStable
    Maize - >pAin't Misbehavin'< and >asb_own_me<
    Maroon - trubandloki
    Melon - Pat
    Mulberry - jeta
    Navy blue - Amwrider
    Olive Green - Angel Undercover
    Orange - Tnagewitch
    Orange Red - archieflies
    Orange Yellow - HuntJumpSC
    Orchid - Bliss92
    Periwinkle - flshgordon
    Pine Green - Murphy's Mom
    Plum - Maybeapril
    Prussian Blue (later Midnight Blue) - SillyHorse and jazzrider
    Raw Sienna - Appassionato (Asspants?)
    Raw Umber - JoZ
    Red - arabhorse2
    Red Orange - naters
    Red Violet - horse-loverz
    Salmon - BCEVENTER
    Sea Green - >lesyl<
    Sepia - asanders
    Silver - VCT
    Sky Blue - Sanely Eccentric
    Spring Green - >equusrocks<
    Tan - sketcher
    Thistle - Erin Petersen and Blkarab
    Turquoise Blue - EponaRoan
    Violet (Purple) - Hunter Princess
    Violet Blue - LetItBe
    Violet Red - Chester's Mom
    White - >Farmer Dave - White Knight in Shining Armor (or would that be Armour since he's a Brit?) and fleabites<
    Yellow - >Donnalynn<
    Yellow Green - eclipse
    Yellow Orange - tweeter
    Last edited by Erin Pittman; Jul. 29, 2008 at 11:42 AM. Reason: Adding names as I find them... ;)

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    Jul. 27, 2003


    I wanna play too. I'll be Yellow-orange cause my hair was that color once(another story).....

    That should be enough to scare CCTL into leaving BA alone.

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    Feb. 8, 2004
    Rolling hills of Virginny


    I want RED!!!
    Homeopathy claims water can cure you since it once held medicine. That's like saying you can get sustenance from an empty plate because it once held food.

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    Sep. 2, 2005
    Upstate NY


    Can I please be Maroon? Burgundy is my favorite color and that is as close as you get to that.

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    Jul. 22, 2007
    South of Georgia, North of Miami


    Okay, I'm in and joining the posse. Throw me the blue violet crayon....I LOFF blue!

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    Jul. 15, 2005
    Cambridge Springs, PA


    Ooh! Ooh! I want to be silver
    2016 RRP Makeover Competitor

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    Mar. 6, 2002
    The Bayou City


    Periwinkle for me....I loff all things periwinkle. And I'm always up for a bus trip full of crazy women dressed as crayons If nothing else, you know there will be some good stories!
    "There is just as much horse sense as ever, but the horses have most of it"

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    Mar. 29, 2006
    Humidity Central


    I don't even know what color it is, but Bittersweet sounds like one I'd like... so sign me up!
    "She still had all of her marbles, though every one of them was shaped funny and rolled asymmetrically."

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    Sep. 2, 2006


    OK, I'll drop fuzzy wuzzy brown and be gold.
    We need to all dress up in our colors, send a photo to someone, and make a collage.

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    May. 11, 2008


    May I Puhleeesseee be Salmon. Not Pink. Salmon. Puhleeeessseeee.....

    Oh and BA still sending jingles and hoping for the best!

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    Dec. 13, 2006
    Gulf Coast (AL/FL)


    I wanna be Mahogany!
    It's the color of my boy in the summer sunlight

    BA - hope things are settling out.... craziness.

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    Sep. 16, 2006

    Default Ooh, OOH! I wanna be green blue

    Green Blue is my choice! I get to be 2 colors at once, wahoo!!

    More seriously, I was going to reply on this thread early on that I just recently sent my broke 6 year old off for 30 days of "finishing" and riding out to a cowboy and his staff.

    They rode her EVERY DAY. One day of some longing and some riding to evaluate, and the rest were work days.

    At the end of 30 days, I could tell a difference and my horse was doing MORE and capable of MORE than she was when I dropped her off.

    CCTL, that is the point of the matter. You were paid to RIDE the horse and IMPROVE it. You didn't. The person who shovelled $$ over to you for this has a right to be upset about it. You, however, do not have a right to smash gates and other adolescent bs like that.

    Oh, and to add to the list:
    -not the sharpest tool in the shed
    -A few screws short of a hardware store
    -A burger short of a combo meal
    -The gates are down and the lights are flashing, but the train isn't coming
    -Has an IQ of room temperature
    -Couldn't pour water out of a boot with instructions on the heel

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    Dec. 14, 2005
    Just east of Short Hill Mtn.


    Quote Originally Posted by Amwrider View Post
    I have always liked the Midnight Blue, I'll be that one.

    Shoot. That's my favorite crayon. Can we share?

    Did I miss an update from BA, or are we just playing?
    "Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall." - Confucious
    <>< I.I.

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    Jul. 21, 2006


    Quote Originally Posted by VCT View Post
    Ooh! Ooh! I want to be silver
    Crayola posse ~ Lazer Lemon yellow
    Take time to is too short a day to be selfish. - Ben Franklin

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    Jul. 15, 2003
    Brooksville, FL


    Quote Originally Posted by jazzrider View Post
    Shoot. That's my favorite crayon. Can we share?

    Did I miss an update from BA, or are we just playing?

    Me? Share? OK, but how about I change to Navy Blue so I can be one of my barn colors?
    Every man has a right to his opinion, but no man has a right to be wrong in his facts.
    Bernard M. Baruch

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    Aug. 25, 1999
    Holland Township, NJ


    Quote Originally Posted by Chall View Post
    OK, I confess I didn't read any of the posts beyond the first 5 ones.
    From another POV, when my trainer started my already 30 day broke horse, he longed him for 3 months walk/trot. At three months he finally cantered him on the longe.
    Long story short, MOST of the things my trainer was doing were beyond my perception. He'd ride 6 times around the ring at a canter and one of those times he'd give a big pat to the horse. I was like "what did he do" and the trainer would say "he stayed balanced in the corner". I couldn't see it.
    But the horse is now fantastic, safe, sweet and an incredible mover.
    So, for me, a great trainer can develop things that I am completely unable to perceive. This is just another point of view about trainers who don't seem to be doing anything but really are.
    Yeah, uh, um, that's *nice*. But trully apples and oranges. The OP's horse was not "30 days broke" when dropped off. He was BROKE TO DEATH, and cattle trained, and IIRC, traffic safe. I may only ride hunter/jumper, but I've got a pretty good idea of just *how* broke that horse is. Leading it around and tacking/untacking it for days is just plain STUPID. Just get on the bloody horse and RIDE it! Never mind being pleased as punch after "walking outside the round pen". WOw, like that was such an accomplishment.

    The ONLY time I had a horse in my barn that I DID not get RIGHT on was on a "mental holiday." I *was* supposed to be riding her lightly, but she was getting balky and rude in her work as a school horse. I gave her 30 of her 60 days to decompress, as requested.

    In your example, you asked questions and got legit answers. Sure, you might not have seen what was the 'big deal', but you got a real answer. Also, it's not particularly odd to keep it simple and stick to walk/trot with a young/green horse. If she didn't feel he was balanced enough to canter, than kudos to her for not doing it.

    I once had my trainer on one of my horses. He was pretty good at 'faking it' back then. He's well put together and just *knows* where to put his head. He'll look *awfully* cute to the innocent bystander, but he's lugging for sure. Well, lug o'matic was at it, to the point where my calm, pleasant trainer actually said to him out loud that "self-carriage is a requirement!" I almost peed my pants. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt.

    The OP is probably more in the situation as I am. Perfectly capable of taking on customers but just doesn't for what ever personal reasons. Well, that may change for BA, but what ever. One pro (or 'almost pro" going to another for additional assistance isn't odd or unusual. But CCTL shouldn't be trying to 'snow' anybody, reguardless of experience.

    I do think at this point that she isn't necessarily delusional, and she knows she's a fraud. The hullaballo was to try to cover that fact so if she does have novice or just plain stupid customers she wants BA to look like she's dumb. Didn't work very well.

    OH, BTW, I take melon. I like melon. I'm no good at those stick figure things, somebody please add me to the bus!

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    Jul. 27, 2007
    Behind the Orange Curtain


    I disagree. I think CCTL has outed herself as a nutcase, and fits the description quite well. I don't think she was trying to cover anything (any more than Britney Spears attacked someone with an umbrella as a "publicity stunt." She also outed herself as a nutcase).

    I am just hoping BA is OK I worry about nutcases.

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    Aug. 9, 2007

    Default me too

    Quote Originally Posted by tweeter View Post
    I wanna play too. I'll be Yellow-orange cause my hair was that color once(another story).....

    That should be enough to scare CCTL into leaving BA alone.
    hey we had the same hair disaster! oh no do we have to color our hair the crayon color?????
    all my horses that I drew were black or pintos, I just always liked burnt sienna for earthy colors.
    maybe I'll just get a wig.
    thanks Erin for matching colors to people.
    I think if you can find the color, either the 64 or from old discontinued, etc., then you can match up with it. if that's ok with everyone and our expert on crayola??????
    hope BA is ok and will post soon just to let us know she is alive and not tarred and feathered, or boiled in a vat of melted crayons.
    Last edited by cloudyandcallie; Jul. 10, 2008 at 03:09 PM. Reason: add

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