I really don't think there is as much of a problem between stallion owners and mare owners as your posts seem to indicate. I'm both a stallion owner and a mare owner...due to the fact that I don't run a puppy mill type of operation, I breed some of my mares to outside stallions, sometimes fresh, sometimes frozen. It's expensive to breed horses, period. Luckily for the mare owner, you will have a very nice foal on the ground that can be sold for several thousand dollars....the stallion fee, in the scheme of things, is minimal and part of doing business.

Before I get flamed, let me just say how tired I am of paying vet bills and semen fees. We are getting to the end of breeding season and my wallet is just about tapped out. This is the time of year when we are all tired of breeding bills. However, realistically speaking, when you break it down to who is making the most money, I would think it is first the mare owner (after sale of resulting foal), second the vet and down on the list is the stallion owner. JMHO