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    Jun. 23, 2004
    Fauquier County, VA


    Sending more jingles for the little one!

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    Sep. 29, 2007
    Northern CA


    Found one of my receipts, we used Francks for the compounding.

    Good luck w/ the foal...

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    Jul. 26, 2003


    Jingling for the little guy, his mom, and you!

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    May. 5, 2002


    I think your jingles are working!! For the first time in a week ,I am cautiously optomistic that we have a handle on this thing. His temp stayed within the normal range all day without any banamine ,and his breathing was not laboured ! He seemed brighter tonight,looking out his window,and eating alfalfa with great enthusiasm.
    the owner did not have any luck with the compounding company today. i think she is getting the run around because the vets don't want to lose the money they make on the meds.right now the paste is costing 32.00 per tube ,and there is 4 doses per tube ,and he gets it 3 times a day. So that is like 150.00 a week.The paste is a real pain to give .It doesn't come out of the tube well ,so we may go back to the liquid ,which might be cheaper anyway.
    Thank you to everyone on here who has shared their experiences.His owner will follow up some other leads from you guys about the compounding. When she told me they said it wasn't possible,i said "bull@@@T ,I have people telling me o... have done it."
    Also thanks for the info on the serum that is available to foals right after birth.i wish we had known about that. I don't understand why the breeding farms ,or the vets don't recommend it as a matter of course. It seems like a no brainer ,that you say ,"hey there is a very common and devestaiting form of pneumonia that many foals are succeptable to ,but you can give them this serum that may help prevent it" I would think most people would want to give it if they knew it existed ,and they knew the risks involved.
    The vet is comming again tomorrow to re check,and also to ultra sound the younger foal.So far he seems fine ,but he was foaled at the same farm ,so we want to catch it early if he shows any signs.
    Also a big Thank you to the people who have told me that the meds cause a photo sensetivity.the vet didn't mention it,and I think that may be part of why the foal seemed so terribly ill on saturday after being out all day.
    You guys are the best!!!!

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    Jul. 14, 2004
    Virginia. We Do Ponies!


    Glad to hear the news. Just keep the baby in when hot with fans on.
    Randee Beckman ~Otteridge Farm, LLC ( Marketing Manager - The Clothes Horse & Jennifer Oliver Equine Insurance Specialist

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