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    Quote Originally Posted by YankeeLawyer View Post
    It wouldn't be for me unless I was purchasing a gelding as a riding horse prospect. I would not buy any fillies for my program that were not registered with a recognized breed registry (in my case, I only breed Hanoverians and Dutch, and the horse would have to at least be eligible for registration with either of those registries).
    "recognized breed registry"? "Recognized" by whom and on what basis? Seems to me that "breed" is a kind of strange way to describe "registries" that include as many "breeds" as the KWPN and Hanoverian do! I think "clubs" is a bit more like it. At least the PHR is clear about what it is: i.e. a registry for performance horses.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fish View Post
    Seems to me that "breed" is a kind of strange way to describe "registries" that includes as many "breeds" as the KWPN and Hanoverian do! I think "clubs" is a bit more like it. At least the PHR is clear about what it is: i.e. a registry for performance horses.
    A breeding club is exactly what it is, or you could say a fraternity or sorority.

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    Default Decision

    Hi all,

    We decided the best strategy is for us to request a private home inspection. We are going to take the high road....for now. We have enough horses needing inspection to be taken seriously by the registry without causing any hard feelings. If they choose not to grant us a home inspection, then it will make moving to a different registry a decidedly wiser choice in the long run. And, we will entertain the idea of sending the vet report and digital photographs of the horses. At the inspection I attended last year, I was able to speak with the host regarding why I had traveled so far out of my way to her site. That site host is now a board member, so it wouldn’t be a surprise to everyone at the registry.

    Anyway, I composed the letter today and I’m sitting on it tonight. Goes out first thing in the morning by email.

    As I said before, what is done, is done. The horses have recovered physically and the babies are under saddle. I’m expecting 3 new babies on the ground by July 4 (Rapture R, Bergamon, Freestyle) and hopefully all will work out as it should. Think good karma for the horses.

    Again, thank you for the feedback. I'll let you know how it goes.....

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    It really sounds as if most of your 'problem' is with the farm, not the registry. The registry, whichever it is has already planned for an inspection at that site. I can't imagine any registry cancelling an inspection based on one person's "claims", real or imagined.

    Not all registries score foals - they sell or they don't - it doesn't necessarily have anything to do with scores - AND as already pointed out - its one day in their life.

    I don't think I've ever seen a buyer at an inspection. Too bad, they would see some very nice foals and mares. They all seem to revel in griping that there is no place anywhere in this country where they can see lots of horses in one place that are for sale, but none of them will come to inspections or to Dressage at Devon - the biggest breed show in the world - with horses from a few months old up to 7 years old, both in-hand and under saddle. Oh well. DON'T EVER count on selling your horses at an inspection. That's for seeing other breeders' results and networking with other breeders.
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    Default My "problem"

    Yes, I would say that it is the host of registry's inspection that has darkened my view of the registry itself. I don't think that is too surprising.

    I did actually apply/offer the registry a change of venue before ANY dates/sites had been scheduled for 2008. They seemed very excited I had received permission to host at the university facility that has a well established equine science program. However, I later received the email from the registry that they were loyal to site hosts. In that correspondence, they also noted that the HOST was willing to invite the students out to her facility for the inspection. I politely declined this offer (as nothing is stopping her from advertising the inspection), but reiterated why I felt the university facility would invite more participants to the registry inspection. Couple of weeks later I received a telephone call from Germany from a breeding director saying he was in the stages of "planning something special" and would like to involve the students. I said okay, I haven't heard anything since (months ago) and few days ago I received my newsletter with the final inspection schedule. Plans change.....

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    Could be way off base here, but couldn't you host your own inspection? I'm assuming if the inspectors will go to one farm, that they'll go to another. I imagine that you're not the only person who has had problems with the other breeder.

    Good luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Derid View Post
    Sorry for the mystery here, but I have a very awkward and difficult decision to make regarding my current registry. Again, sorry but the background of my situation is a bit long…….but, I really do need some good advice and pitfalls of any decision I go with regarding the registry.

    I started breeding on the west coast a few years ago after purchasing a pregnant broodmare. I joined the registry that had inspected her the previous year. She has since had two additional foals for me. Two years ago, and after numerous years of discussions, my husband and I decided to move east with our herd. Unfortunately, I was still under contract and not able to move with my husband, and given we still had a property to sell, I needed to graduate a few students and pack up our shared laboratory it seemed like a good idea to place our horses with an established breeder/trainer near my husband’s workplace. I did my homework, called around talked to a number of individuals and one person stood out above the rest of pack. Like us, the individual had recently moved to the area, putatively had good reputation and certainly appeared competent to care for horses in all stages of growth and age based on what I was told. My husband checked out the place, liked the person, and in late fall I shipped 7 horses that included a pregnant mare, open broodmare, a yearling, a two-yr old, two retired elderly individuals and my husband’s competition horse. <there is a lot that goes here that I won’t bore people with> In short, my husband copied me on a number of emails between him and the owner of the farm that alerted me to a significant problem in March. I arrived in April to find all the horses underweight and the babies in significant stages of malnutrition (2yr old 2+, 1yrling = 3-). I took pictures, had a veterinarian out to do the body condition scores and observe the field behavior, and then promptly moved the horses off the property to a respected boarding facility using a local professional transporter. It was ugly scene and the horses were mentally as well as physically damaged. They are all fine now, but it took 6-9 months of doubling up on feed to correct the physical damage.

    Fast forward……. The individual hosted a registry inspection at the farm last year, but I declined to set foot on the property opting to transport the mare/foal six hours to a different inspection site. This year, I requested from the registry that an inspection be done at a neutral facility where there would be unlimited stalling and places for participants to eat and find lodging (not available at the current site). The registry wrote back and said thank you, but no thank you as they felt loyalty to the individual in question.

    So, I have three mare/foal combinations and two additional young mares for inspection this year including the poor, formerly starving 2yr old that is now 4. I just can’t bring myself to go back this farm that was partially built by withholding feed to my horses. Vanning the horses to another state is out of the question with fuel costs…

    What are my options: changing to a different registry or see if I can get a home site visit from inspectors (but then that will hurt my business),…….what would you do?

    I think you are doing the right thing by not going back to that barn. I feel like I almost know what you are going through. My 2004 foal was severely malnourished by a small breeder as a weanling (which I only discovered after he was shipped to me), and later developed Strangles and had to be put down. I feel that the woman in question caused an unnecessary death by her cruelty. I would never EVER support her by attending an inspection at her facility. My horse wasn't the only one either. I have pictures of another friend's PREGNANT mares as they were unloaded off the trailer. Starved.

    Maybe contact some of the US-based registries and see about a site inspection? You're going to end up spending some bank to get that many horses inspected. I think with dna testing and all its about $350/horse. I don't know what the site fees are at all the registries, but AWR is $900 this year I think.

    Good luck!

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