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    EHS Guest


    I am so sorry I haven't been back on to update this...I actually thought my post never got posted (my computer doesn't always cooperate with me). Anyway, the vet came out and did a CBC on Thurs. It came back completely normal except elevated liver enzymes. She started him on two antibiotics, TMS and metronidazole and consulted with the vet school. They suggested she do a muscle biopsy to rule out Glycogen Branching Enzyme Dificiency so she is scheduled to come on Monday for that, but then she researched that last night and called this morning and said that it's only documented in QH and QH derivative breeds which he is not so she's coming Monday but I'm not sure what path she is suggesting.
    If he were septic what would show up on the CBC?
    Thanks for all your concern, thoughts and help and again I am so sorry I havent' updated this, I will from now on.
    Oh, the other part is that with the banamine he is acting pretty normal, he can get up on his own and nurses at every opportunity. When he is up he plays like he feels like he used to. I check his temp AM and PM before his banamine is due and it's normally around 101.3-101.8 so it's still high.

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    EHS Guest

    Default update

    I have now posted an update...thanks for all the input

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    Apr. 13, 2005


    Maybe those who have foals with septimia will be better able to answer the question, but is there any chance the foal could have this and not have an elevated WBC? I have seen infections (particularly pyometra in dogs), where a CBC will not reveal any indications of infections because the infection is held to the uterus (but they will have a temp). Is there a possibility that the joint capsule is acting as a barrier, and this was caught early enough along as well?

    Also, when was the CBC done, and was it AST that was elevated? If so, some sort of injury might not be too far off base. However, if both were elevated I'm not sure, but if Banamine was started prior to the blood being pulled, that could be taking a toll on the little guys liver.

    Hope he is doing better!

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    By the way, 101.3 or 101.8 are not really considered high temps in a young foal.....
    Siegi Belz
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    EHS Guest


    Banamine was started 24 hours before the blood was pulled and the only thing that showed up was the elevated liver enzymes, WBC was normal as was everything else. There's no swelling in any joints, he doesn't really posture correctly for urinating which makes me wonder if there's not something bothering him in the hind end, he just doesn't stretch out his hind legs like he should. He is active and alert in the stall though once he gets up. I have the vet coming out tomorrow but if there is nothing more definitive she can tell me I think I will figure out how to get him to Va. Tech. (She's already consulted with NCSU and we don't seem to be getting far with that.)

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    EHS Guest

    Default new symptom

    Now the colt is clearly favoring his left front leg. I dont' see any swelling or feel any heat but he is hesitant to bear weight on it and when he does it is obviously uncomfortable for him. With that said, he also goes bucking off so he's not very good at self-regulating! I called the vet and asked her to bring the digital xray machine when she comes tomorrow. I also asked her about the possibility of septacimia and she said the blood work isn't consistant with that. I will update tomorrow after her visit but if you have any ideas about things I should ask her to check I would be very interested and thankful.

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    Dont forget about EPSM and Founder.
    Do not take anything to heart. Do not hanker after signs of progress. Founder of the Riders with Fibromyalgia clique.

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    EHS Guest


    I'm not sure if EPSM has been considered, I will mention it tomorrow when I see the vet...founder has been ruled out with the xrays (she did laterals as well).
    Today when she came he was so much better so we are now tapering him off the banamine, keeping him on both antibiotics, repeating the blood work, and testing the mare's milk.
    I will update when I hear about the blood work.
    Thanks again for all your thoughts and ideas.

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    EHS Guest


    This foal is so much better!! He is back to his normal self which had slipped away from us so gradually we didn't even realize it until now that he's back to being active, alert and into everything. Even his momma got really irritated with him this afternoon and told him enough was enough! The antibiotics kicked in yesterday and he is so much better. We will complete the 10 days of treatment of both antibiotics and are weaning off the banamine, after tomorrow no more. I am hoping we can turn him out for a little while on Friday.
    Thanks to all of you for your thoughts and ideas. I was so worried about him and it was extremely helpful to take your ideas and say to the vet have you tested for this, etc. I don't know how she felt about it but I think she worried about him all weekend too and was glad to have all the extra ideas coming in. So thanks to all of you.

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    That is wonderful! I hope he continues to improve and this is all a distant memory.

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