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    Weebie, I do know that WEF charges $5.00 per horse for the Heart Ambulance, but that is a horse ambulance. Haven't seen an EMT fee yet.
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    Second, for anyone. With these circuits costing upward of $1,000 a week for the horse alone, not counting shipping and living expenses for the rider, how are there so many thousands of people who have jobs that allow them to afford it, but jobs that give them 20-30 weeks off a year to pursue their sport, and how can I get one of these jobs.
    Subsititue "husbands and parents" for "jobs" and it will start to make more sense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Picasso View Post
    OT - I am reading this and reading the post from the 14 year old who pays for everything and realize I need to revamp what is happening in my house. If you asked my 16 almost 17 year old what her horse's smart pak cost, I doubt she could tell you. ......The fact that neither of my children have a clue that I do what I can with my horse all the while supplying them with horses actually cut out for eventing coupled with what I outlay each and every month is entirely my fault, but you know what? I am going to print out these posts and change some things...

    Good post. I think it is great to begin teaching them what things really cost.

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    Quote Originally Posted by weeble View Post

    And BTW, not directed at harryjohnson, per se, I have never heard of an EMT fee, what do you all pay for that...and why? We just consider the EMT part of the staff and their pay comes from the show's gross, just like the other staff members.
    We pay an EMT fee at our local horse shows, but not at the A shows. It is something like $5. per horse.
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    does that mean sammie can go?? hahahaha, shes quarter horse, and we know she can crank around at 3'6
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    Quote Originally Posted by PNWjumper View Post
    I know the big big shows are still selling out, but all of the lesser-attended shows are suffering big time. And it's a viscious cycle.....the smaller shows start cutting the big jumper (and hunter) classes which in turn limits the options of the barns with big jumpers which in turn bolsters the big over-the-top shows.

    I'm afraid that in another few years the region will be down to a handful of BIG shows and a way lower level B or C circuit on the underside with nothing in the middle. It's probably worth mentioning, FTR, that there are some great Oregon circuit shows right now that are a little cheaper (and a LOT more exhibitor-friendly) than a lot of the other A circuit shows around here, but they're still far from "affordable."
    Speaking of, did you hear the number of participants at Country Classic this year is supposed to be way, way down? I forget the exact numbers but the trainers were talking about it at the barn last weekend.

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    Originally Posted by PNWjumper
    I know the big big shows are still selling out, but all of the lesser-attended shows are suffering big time. And it's a viscious cycle.....the smaller shows start cutting the big jumper (and hunter) classes which in turn limits the options of the barns with big jumpers which in turn bolsters the big over-the-top shows.

    I'm afraid that in another few years the region will be down to a handful of BIG shows and a way lower level B or C circuit on the underside with nothing in the middle. It's probably worth mentioning, FTR, that there are some great Oregon circuit shows right now that are a little cheaper (and a LOT more exhibitor-friendly) than a lot of the other A circuit shows around here, but they're still far from "affordable."


    That's EXACTLY what happened to the shows the barn I ride at ran & now we run NONE! A BNR around here, decided that he wanted to run shows & put his on the same weekend we ran ours. We couldn't compete with the money he was offering (he can get the big name sponsers & "daddy's money") and combine that with the "trainer bribes" to bring in entries we would normally of seen, he slaughtered our show! And, the way Equine Canada runs, is ....if you have less than 250 entries at your show (in recognized rings) you loose that date the next year. Guess what, we lost those dates for the next year. We ran a show that catered upto the 4ft height in jumpers & 3ft6 in hunters BUT he ran shows that catered upto Grand Prix. Combine that with his big money & guess where the trainers took their clients..........yep HIS show! Even though, it was 3x the amount to enter and you did NOT get shavings included in your stall (we had unlimited shavings!). So, this year we have NO shows & he is gouging....people are now complaining that we are not running shows but they made their beds when they decided they wanted to "play" in his sandbox!'s definatly the local shows that are suffering as now we have NONE!
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    Quote Originally Posted by LovesHorses View Post
    I did think it was a little funny that the broke horses got to scratch, but the low ring with the baby/pre-greens, etc, and the hunter breeding ran that day. Rudy puts on great shows, schooling ones, too!
    Well, he did that at the exhibitors' request - because several horses were shipping in just for the day to show in the HB classes. It was refreshing to ride at a show where the management was reasonable and treated the riders as *gasp* paying customers! The footing was fantastic, there was tons of schooling space, and the fees were low compared to other shows in the area. If only there were more like it!
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    You have the best picture in your profile!

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    Showing is expensive.
    Horses are expensive.
    Trailers, trucks, boarding, shoeing is expensive.

    Seems to be a pattern forming. Are we being screwed with various show fees? You betcha'

    At many shows, even though everyone gets to compete, are they really being considered "competitive" or just being treated as filler till the right trainer/rider arrives in the ring? They're filler.

    I've been to shows and had students of mine not even looked at in a class. They'd spent a ton of time getting ready, grooming, polishing and getting themselves all spiffed up...for a hunter class split into 2 classes where they didn't get any fair review of their effort. BNT & named rider got the nod.

    If people feel they're getting a fair shake and their money's worth, I've not heard too much complaining about the cost of horse stuff. When they feel they're getting robbed and taken for granted...they get royally pissed, and for good reason.

    Riders aren't stupid...he hate being treated as if we were and that prices don't matter since "Daddy's paying for them".

    A few years ago, I volunteered to be a barn manager for a 2-day driving show. People had to clean out their stalls ($20/day) & provide their own shavings ($5 from us or $5 down the road at Tractor Supply). Every entry had 2 bag lunches provided (pretty good ones too!) as part of their entry "freebie", and a few carrots as treats for their horses. They were made to feel welcome. All told, you could show in 3 classes, stall your horse for 2 nights and pay for all the fees (including EMTs & security) for $110. Not too bad.

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    Oct. 28, 2004

    Default Woodside

    I hear you on paying for Woodside

    I was at weeks one and two (both sold out and then some) - my office bill was approx $1100/wk to ride in the eq and medal classes (plus stall/nom). That of course doesn't include hauling, trainer fees, groomer, braiding, etc. As much as I love riding at the shows, it's extremely frustrating to me b/c I know I need to keep going to improve my preformance, and I just can't afford to go to that many on top of my mortgage etc.

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    I guess I'm pretty lucky to still be a junior, the fees are alot less. Plus I don't show the big jumpers, just the little ones. My next show is this weekend, it is a little unrated show, I'm showing 2' Hunters and 2' and 2'6" jumpers (although my mare and I can do alot bigger fences, she is just coming out of a rushing stage, and I want to keep them low for now) I was suprised when I added everything up and it totaled $65. Since I got my report card (my grades were bad, I've been mentally smacking myself forever about them) my dad put a strict rule that my mom can't spend more than $20 on me at a time, so I have to get $45 by Saturday, I already have about $20. But at the local 4-H, I can evter about 7 classes and have the total at about $40 including the stall fee. So that is my only suprise so far this year (mostly because I'm the one paying it).

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    Any suggestions on how to improve the situation? Very fustrating to take a greenie to a show for a week but only show for 2 days. Works out to about $325 at least per day of showing. If the smaller B and C shows vanish this already eletist sport will become the next sport of kings.

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    Thanks Tidy Rabbit! That pony is all of 11.2 LOL.

    On a brighter note, Pebble Beach next week is not making the hunter breeding entries pay the office fee....of course there is no real "office fee" listed on the entry blank, only a general $50 nominating fee per horse. Guess I will find out soon enough if I get some sort of a deal, if you even want to call it that. Some of the smaller shows around here will refund the $50 if you send in your entries completed correctly and before the closing date. Most rated shows do not make the breeding horses pay the schooling fee, some do.

    We don't have an EMT or clean up fee in CA. I know there were clean up fees when I lived in Oregon. Our stalls run around $150, more in SoCal.

    I figure everything is expensive and will stay that way. The best one will be the $35 travel fee I will pay next wk to the braider on top of the $25 tail and $45 mane for my one day of breeding classes!

    I have babies and tote them along to the shows with me just for experience. I am the assistant so only pay hard costs, show fees, stall, grooms, braider, hay/shavings/tack splits. I still find a rated show where I don't have to travel and get a hotel costs around $700 when I take a pony breeding entry. It is expensive, but that is 7 solid days of schooling and exposure. Well worth the costs. Then again so are the unrated shows that are a $100 a day per pony for a heck of a lot of classes.

    Our B and C shows have gotten smaller due to lack of prize money and bigger jumper classes. They really aren't that much cheaper and we have too many better options.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pacificsolo View Post
    This is one of the main reasons I stopped showing - too expensive. IF I ever show again, it will likely be local stuff. I'm really thinking I would enjoy field hunting much more...

    That's what i did. Our area has a local schooling circuit that is very competitive, so I can still go get my jollies, and my horses and I enjoy foxhunting much more.
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    I work in a different industry, but there are some aspects that seem to be similar to horse show management.

    I think that weeble's point re: start-up costs is well taken.

    First there are the permanent employees of the management company. Whatever gross profit is generated by the show itself, some of that will be earmarked for company overhead plus salaries and benefits for that fiscal year. Think business taxes; rent paid on office space; wireless and telephone service, etc. And let's not forget other costs -- paper, toner cartridges, computers, etc.

    Then there's permanent staff -- marketing, advertizing staff, their support staff (assistants, IT, and so forth), plus payroll staff, etc. And some of it, I'm guessing, will be earmarked for freelance employees who come in and work in advance of the show. In my industry, it's anywhere from 3-5 months -- not sure what the lead time for a horse-show would be.

    Add those elements and I'd be curious to know if net profits (rather than gross profits) is >30%. I'm guessing (truly guessing) that it's more like 25%.

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    Quote Originally Posted by happyhorse3 View Post
    I couldn't agree with you more. This sport is becoming only accessible to the super-rich. Even with all the fees you listed, you still have to consider your fuel money and hotel and meal expenses which always seem to be jacked up when a horse show is in town.
    They do jack up the fees. I just got back from Lake Placid....did anyone else notice the majority of resturants had hand written prices on their menus? And not to even mention the hotel cost...ugh. AND to top it off, gas in NY is all too quickly approaching 5 dollars a gallon for premium (thank god my car uses regular, but still, small consolation at $4.26!) Showing is getting insane. It's really a shame it's become this way.

    ETA: LovesHorses, I am going to come steal that pony! He is the CUTEST little thing! I just want to like, braid daisies into his mane or something lol

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