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    We just had a mtn lion in our NEIGHBORHOOD! A HUGE one around 100lbs!! Less than a block from our place in the wash. We are around 8 miles from the moutians, but I guess the wash's connect with them. I called G & F and they said right now the lions are on the "move" and they will only be worried if it stays around. Several neighbors saw it that one day and haven't since. But, the horses were all FREAKED!!

    I know around here they use dogs to trap Mtn lions (chasing them up tree's for hunters) and they are not too keen on large dogs.

    We are in ARIZONA.
    *Better to have loved than to have never loved at all.*
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    Quote Originally Posted by cloudyandcallie View Post
    years ago they did a study on dairy cows, and found that symphonic music increased milk production, while rock and roll decreased milk production. So I guess for the mares, use the symphonic music. some crescendos might keep bears out. as long as the foals get used to it. a little Bach, Mozart, etc.
    if not, throw in the Stones!
    May I recommend the 1812 Overture

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    Default right

    Quote Originally Posted by Mozart View Post
    May I recommend the 1812 Overture
    I was afraid to suggest that cause it might scare the foals! but you are right, a little cannon action might do the trick. (I boarded for 3 yrs by a gun club, so my 2 didn't care when hunters shot a deer right by another barn, altho the other horses freaked out)

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