We rescued these two, full sibling brothers, from a certain fate of death. One of the places we get hay has 5 yellow labs. To be blunt, he uses the labs to control the cat/kitten population.

We were getting hay and he was scooting the dogs away from these 3 week old kittens (this was few weeks ago). I said "do you want them or can we have them". He said that if we could take care of them we could have them as the dogs would get them.

We already have 14 house cats, included the now blind kitten Yum-yum who we rescued from another barn last year when she was about 2 weeks old. I have enough barn cats too as well.

They are great kittens, eating wet food now and litter trained.

Lewis is a black and white cat, more reserved and cautious.

Martin is nearly all black with a tad of white under the armpits and at his croch. He's a bold kitten and a talker!

Both are roly poly, used to dogs, other cats etc.