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    Jan. 2, 2006
    Dallas, NC


    No that's not too far really, his mother lives in Charleston and we can visit Dusty when we go see her.

    Yes I will try to get some videos uploaded next week, this weekend company is coming in town so maybe Sunday after they leave I can get some. Maybe I can get hubby to pose for me and ride as he looks better than I do! LOL! I just look like a weeble wobble and I can already imagine the posts I would get!! LOL!

    Oh and yes, that weekend sounds fine, we have nothing planned then. Wait till your husband rides him! He is so unbelievable smooth! When I ride him people sort of freak that he is blind and think they wouldn't be able to relax and ride but think about when you walk, you watch what you are doing and where you are going and you move or shift all while enjoying the scenery, same thing on Dusty, I "sightsee" and also steer him with my legs and body and hands, usually very soft, light movements. Unless your cantering your "stop" has to me more firm as the boy does loves to move out!

    (eddited to add weekend info)

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    Jan. 17, 2008
    Trails and woods


    We will have to wait and see. I am eager to try him. I do have my reservations. I will have to try him on and see. LOL.

    My hubby is eager as well. We hope to see you the following weekend.

    I am trying to talk to my friend that I feel for which Dusty would be perfect. My friend has a couple of hangups. He thinks he needs a young horse. He thinks he needs a sighted horse. I plan on showing him Dusty's pics soon. I have not seen my friend in a while. I am hoping to talk to him this weekend. I feel they would be a perfect match. He has perfect facilities already. What a match.

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    Jan. 2, 2006
    Dallas, NC


    I can understand your apprehension, even knowing how good of a horse he is I would be worried about taking another one unless I knew he was as good as Dusty is. He is a special horse.

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