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    Jan. 12, 2000
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    Default Why doesn't ignore work with new additions?

    If I select to "ignore" someone they show up as being part of my "ignore" list, but I still see their posts. I'm logged on, so that's not the problem. Other people on my ignore list are showing up as being ignored. If I go back to check their status as being ignored or not, I'm asked if I want to remove them from my ignore list.

    Does it just take a lot longer for the updated list to take effect?
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    Jan. 12, 2000
    Proud owner of one Lunar acre! (Campanus Crater, The Moon)


    Okay, here's the fix (in the event anyone else has this problem). I worked with a moderator on this.

    I went ahead and deleted and re-added the alter I wanted to ignore today, and it worked. So part of it was probably FM and just required waiting a bit and retrying.

    The reason I posted was due to the fact that I'd run into the delay before. In between, there was another one I had thought was a delay, but it never showed up. So I lumped it in with this one. Turns out that one was a PEBKAC (problem exists between keyboard and chair). So, double check the spelling of the user ID/alter a second and third time, too.
    "Relinquish your whip!!"

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