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    Quote Originally Posted by Sandra6500 View Post
    I'm sorry secretlink that you got led on by the Op- I've had it happen to me and although in the end it really did work out best for me not to end up with the horse it was a major bummer.

    I don't care if the OP was giving away the horses or selling them for 20k a pop. It sounds as though she made a firm arrangements with secretlink for the horse to be picked up on Saturday. I can see where SL would feel like she got screwed.

    And quite frankly CHS's rightous attitude about its a little mean spirited. No need to rub salt in the wound.
    Sandra, you have no idea what the situation was with these horses. You did not talk to the owner. I do not know if she even told SL the whole story about why the horses had to be gone BEFORE the 1st. And it isn't my place to get into it here. Just as it isn't your place to judge what she did or did not do without knowing at least a few of the facts. I spoke to the owner on behalf of CHS and myself. And when I saw the SL had posted she was taking the horses I called the owner back to verify before we got in the trailer and drove all night to get them. We were going to go back for the mare as well, but she sadly colicked and had to be PTS. And I think the fact the SL has contacted CHS to check up on the gelding speaks wonders for her and how she has handled the dissappointment of not getting him. SHE got over it, why don't YOU?

    (FWIW, he isn't going anywhere - sorry SL - we adore him!)
    Not all who wander are lost.

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    I still think about that big guy. I was told the story of why they had to go. I did have firm arrangements and had hired a shipper and confirmed plans with the OP. Saturday was soon enough, as she was worried about them being gone by Sunday. I did check that it was ok to post that I was taking him and ask folks about shipping before I posted. I did talk with the OP about the 4 y.o mare and she told me she was spoken for. I guess at that time the other plans to pick them both up had been made. He would of had a safe home with me and they could have taken the two mares... It does still rankle a bit, I was not planning to go on and on, but nothing to be done. I am still disappointed (not in that they got a good home, but that this could have been a lot more straight forward)I appreciate the support If the same thing or similar thing has happened to someone else and they had something to chime in on, I dont see a problem. This is an open forum after all

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    gosh, i want to see some pics of these beautiful free horses glad they got a good home.
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