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    Jan. 14, 2005
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    Lots of cute dogs still there!!!! Mutts are the best ones !!!

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    I know this isn't horse related - but wanted to tell people that if you lose your dog - check the local shelters daily (morning and night).

    My Pyr as a young puppy, followed a dog off my property and got himself lost. Actually a lady found him and rather than advertise him, she called the sheriff's dept. and had them call the pound who picked up this huge 6 month old puppy (solid white, about 85 lbs and very tall). I hunted for Amos for days, calling the pound and describing the dog every day - always told "we don't have no dog like that here". I got a feeling and drove to the pound, and walked through and called him by name and he began barking..I was lucky I found him after being told there was no such dog at the shelter. That has been my only experience in "losing" a dog..I promptly fenced the front of the property and taught Amos the boundaries and he's never left the property since. I think it scared him so badly he decided wandering wasn't what it was cracked up to be.

    But please check daily - twice a day if you can - as no one could mistake a nearly grown pyr (even a muddy one) and I almost lost him. The pounds cannot keep dogs very long as there are so many of them..and even though they do try through petfinder - many dogs are put to sleep before their owners can get them back.

    I am glad the little corgi got placed/adopted.

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    Apr. 13, 2006
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    Excellent advice, sidepasser. There ARE shelter dogs everywhere and they need the help of good owners (and horse owners TEND to be GREAT owners). Every day, I get email alerts out of GA about dogs in need -- the problem there is HUGE!

    For example, there are 37 PUPPIES in danger of being euthanized on Friday (the rest next Wednesday) in Chatooga County Shelter (on the other side of GA close to the TN border). See link below. The dog you are looking for is out there! Check Petfinder and I guarantee you will find what you want with a little patience

    The Catoosa County, GA Animal Shelter is located on 101 Almond Trail in Ringgold, GA (30736). Shelter hours are 8-4:45 M-F, closed for lunch from 12-1. Phone: 706-935-2454.

    Adoption fee for a furry friend is $60, which includes a certificate for the pet's spay/neuter surgery and office wellness check at a participating vet. Already altered pets are also $60.00.
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    Default Where do I find the Corgi shelters?

    My dear friend just lost his 1 year old beloved Corgi to kidney disease and he is thinking it is now time to recuse another and fill the hole left in his life. He is looking a Corgi that will welcome the chance to have two playmates and a Cat friend. My friend loves his animals and take exceptional care of them. His Vet has probably built a house thanks to him. If anyone can guide me to sites in NC that an adult Corgi needs rescuing, I would appreciate the information. Thank you.

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    Your best bet is just to keep an eagle eye on and search in your area. The other option is to contact any corgi rescues near you and let them know you are interested in providing a home. The Corgi-L board also seems to keep an eagle eye on corgi's in shelters too and you could try joining that group and posting your location and interest in providing a home to a wayward corgi.

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    I think Patsy was saved by a sheltie rescue in Columbia SC. The picture looks like the same dog. Go to Petfinder. On the left side of the page toward the bottom, there is a place to look up shelters and rescues state by state. Put in Columbia SC and see if you can find the sheltie rescue's web site. If this isn't the same "Patsy" that's OK. This is a lovely pem girl that needs a home. There is a video that shows how cute and sweet she is. Also, you can contact Palmetto Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club. They have a rescue page on their web site. The page hasn't been updated since mid-Nov., but the info is there. The lady in charge of their rescue lives in NC. Good luck! Give a deserving corgi (or other homeless dog) the best gift there is-----a loving home!!!!!!!!

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    Remember to check for pets on death row too.
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