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    I loff Stefany too--boarded where she worked when she was in high school--but that is a far commute from the Pentagon I think. You'd need to be close to 270--maybe Good news farm in barnsville MD off 270. There is a MARC train to DC and Metro in Shady Grove goes to Pentagon.

    Or try VA out toward Purcellville, Leesburg area. Live in between somewhere off the Greenway like Ashburn or Sterling or Chantilly.

    I am in WV on the MARC train route to DC but no good public transit to Pentagon. My husband commutes to the Chantilly area in an hour and 15. If he leaves at 6:30 it is 2 hours driving to the Pentagon with no traffic problems. So living in between here and Arlington as hte crow flies is doable--finding an hour commute is possible. But if you want open space and horses, that is hard to find close to work. Great falls is very expensive but nice. Probably arenas and trails but little cross country for eventing. Out by The Plains you have the O'Connors and Great Plains for shows. More hunt country and land but not cheap.
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    AKB: Great Falls seems like a great place to live. I assume the schools are all good--did I guess correctly? I really appreciate your help. Moving kids, schools, husband, horse, etc is daunting. It is the universal military spouse complaint that just when you get your life in a happy place, it's time to move again! I hope we'll cross paths in GF some day! If you can think of anything else that would help, let me know. Many thanks again!

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    Just to throw out another option, you might consider Clifton VA. It's right next to fairfax, and I don't think as expensive as Great falls. We have our own place, so I don't know a ton about boarding facilities, but I do know there is a place named Olivers stables in Fairfax Station just down the road. Lots of people board there and live closer to D.C. They like it because it has an indoor. This way they can ride during the week in the winter months.
    The other thing about Olivers is that I know Alison Sprenger gives lessons there. Lots of event and dressage riders I believe.
    Anyway, another thought.
    Good luck

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    Great Falls VA

    Default Grat Falls resident

    Hi, I too live in Great Falls and have a daughter in middle school here. Yes, the schools are great, probably some of the best in Fairfax County. On the horse boarding and training situation, I have my mare out in Frederick, MD with a wonderful dressage trainer, however, we have no kids in my barn apart from my daughter who rides sporadically. That said, there are two other barns on the property, run by the owner of the property and I know there are kids there and that there are trainers who come in and give lessons. It takes me about an hour to drive between my house and the barn, which is worth it to me as my mare is very happy there and I feel fortunate to have access to such a great trainer and facility. If you'd like more info on the Great Falls area, feel free to email PM me and I'd be happy to answer any questions I can.

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