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    Quote Originally Posted by Valentina_32926
    Try looking here - horse for sale - some appear quite nice & reasonably priced.
    I agree in general I find dressage horses in Flanders better priced, but seldom will they be sold internationally, as one always thinks of Holland first for dressage. (shame, some nice out in Belgium too)
    But I agree with what others have said, there certainly are nice warmbloods to be found in this country and with the dollar being what it is and adding the shipping/quarantaine, I'm not sure if it still makes sense to look overseas.

    [[Aye aye, this one is nice , dressage gelding (counter canter, all lateral & flying changes) with show record in level 2 and able to jump a 4ft course only 7000 euros, not bad. Getting carried away myself here. .]]

    However the OP might need a hand reading these ads . [[ - this one is Z-level 12yr DWB - no price mentioned however]]

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    Quote Originally Posted by stolensilver View Post
    Horsejudge the honest answer is I don't know how the horses keep progressing on so little work, the fact is they do! All 3 of them get daily turnout and tear round the field like idiots so fortunately they keep themselves fit. Then I do my best to make every ride count and have one lesson on one of them each week. Who has the lesson depends on what we are working on and what problems I'm having. And the horses, bless them, just keep getting better.
    I have one horse that is on this same kind of light program and is doing equally (astonishingly) well. She amazes me. You would think she reads dressage books in her stall. Anyway, I think horses like this are worth their weight in gold. I will never sell this mare.

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