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    Quote Originally Posted by egontoast View Post
    I think that fictional story was from the pen of Astrid, maybe?
    That is true...AStrid is quite resourceful- when it comes to peeps re-visiting her webpage.
    Ulla is certainly not retired....but that's another story in itself...

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    Quote Originally Posted by glfprncs View Post
    Tad Coffin did ride Bally Cor in the 1978 World Championships in Kentucky. He was eliminated on cross-country (I believe at 'the Serpent', which is also where Mike Plumb met his demise that year).

    What about Diana Rankin, who rode New Ladykiller at what I believe were the Dressage World Champs. in Canada...I'm thinking 1986, perhaps? Also, Anne Grethe-Jensen, who used to ride Marzog...whatever has happened to her? Oh, and another, Jo Hinneman. I know I've heard his name when Sven Rothenberger (sp?) purchased a horse from him, but is he still in the game? I would assume they still ride, just not at the top of the sport (for whatever reason--no horse, no desire, teaching more, etc.). There was also another lovely German rider whose name escapes me right now who rode for Germany at the World Championships that year (the team included Jo Hinneman, Reiner Klimke, the young lady to whom I am referring, and I can't recall the 4th team member).

    Also, who made up the American team that year? I know Sandy Pflueger (now Phillips) on Marco Polo, Robert Dover on Federlicht, Diana Rankin on New Ladykiller, and who else? I'm at a loss.

    Coffin was not eliminated. He did have several stops & time penalties (he had to stop after the head of the lake to remove the broken running martingale - I know because I held Bally Cor while he and Ann Hardaway Sutton adjusted tack). Our team took bronze based on the scores of Bruce D (still riding), Jimmy Wofford (retired & coaching) and Coffin. Plumb's was the throw score.

    Another retiree - former show jumper & flat+steeple chase jockey Kathy Kusner. Now running Horses in the Hood in LA area
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    Default Jim Day, Lendon, Tad Coffin

    Don't forget the Canadian event rider - Jim Day - from the 1980's who I believe became a TB steeplechase trainer as well as flat racing trainer.

    Lendon is VERY active as the head of Gleneden Dressage in Bedford, New York and has turned to teaching, organizing and basically "giving back" to the sport (also current president, I believe, of the Westchester-Fairfield Dressage Association.) She has also been and is currently (I think) on the Dressage Committee of the USEF.

    Tad Coffin taught extensively in clinics and also rode in the first Reiner Klimke seminar here in the US in ?1989? He left the clinic in a hurry as his first child was being born! Last I heard he was in Purcelleville (sp?) Virginia, raising kids, Holsteiners and designing saddles . . .

    Aleen Thomas
    Warwick, NY

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    Then there was my hero...Liz Ashton, she was the captan of the canadian team, and IMO one of the best all around riders/trainers. She is now president of a college in Victoria and a Dr. to boot.
    Juliet Graham...another rider who achieved so much, this woman was literally BRED to ride, given who her parents are. Juliet my dear, I know you are reading...LOVE ya.

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    It is true about Lendon. She cannot ride due to her physical problems (I have ridden with her and have a dear friend who trained with her for many years) but she is very much a part of the NE dressage community and actually runs Dressage4Kids as well as trains many young riders and organizes and hosts a huge competition at her farm every summer. She is also an active poster on this forum...

    also - Aleen, you have a PM

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    Ulla Salzgeber retiring to run a hotel/inn/resort is one of the most bogus stories ever!
    get out of town

    since I try to avoid anything Astrid (or Bergit ) "report" then I guess I was not up on the nature of all the scuttle springing from their bu... pens
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