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    That seems totally reasonable to me, though not many of our schooling shows offer stalls (occasionally you will get a paddock for $15 or so). But we pay $18 or so a class. So not far off.
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    Does seem a bit pricey, BUT schooling shows are unregulated and thus vary tremendously as far as quality of judging, footing, show management, facilities, etc. In some cases, you can go to a schooling show that is better run and with better facilities and footing than a recognized show-and if you're not gunning for points/scores, that might be the better show to go to, and worth paying a little more for. Just depends on what you're going to get out of it, and if it's worth it to you or not.

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    Exact same fees I pay. However we have two different venues where the shows are held, and the stall prices vary b/c one is at an older fairgrounds (though I totally prefer to show here b/c I feel the rings and warm up area are taken better care of) and then the other is the new equestrian/community center that is WAY over priced. Our GMO actually broke down the cost for them and the cost for us to explain the prices. Made a lot more sense.

    You can see the breakdown on this link.. its a pdf so I cant copy and paste.

    Yeh it can be pricey but if you see WHY they charge what they do, it makes it a little more bareable.

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    As a former president of a USDF GMO, the stabling fees are usually set and charged by the host farm and the GMO will not receive a portion of that money unless providing and selling shavings at an inflated price. The class fee, office fee, and show-specific fees are the GMO's bread and butter. If hiring an "L" judge or above, it will cost the GMO $250-$300 a day plus food, travel, and lodging. If hiring a local instructor, the daily charge can vary greatly on the experience and reputation of instructor, but around $100 a day is a good ball-park figure. The USDF fees are pre-set and the GMO can't waive or lower them.

    I agree with most of the other posters - the stall fees are way too high and are unreasonable. The other fees seem more reasonable provided, however, that the GMO has hired a reputable and (hopefully) certified instructor/judge. I would discuss the stall fees with the GMO and ask them to reconsider venues or ask them to renegotiate the fees with the host farm. Sometimes overnight stabling charges can be significantly lowered if the person competing provides their own shavings, cleans the stall thoroughly before leaving, or rents a small turnout paddock or round pen.

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    Default Can I add a vent?

    I LOATH the jump out/grounds fee. This is especially bad at the big shows. I mean, come on, they charge outrageous fees for the stalls (usually), and those people also make a mess when they load and unload their horses. And most people DO clean up after their horses. And most of the time the fee for cleaning the grounds is already figured into the expenses BEFORE they ever start adding that jump out/grounds fee.

    I guess eventually horse shows will go back to being the elitist sport they were when I was a child. And maybe we should all start supporting local fun shows rather than dressage shows--since they seem to be more reasonable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rusty Stirrup View Post
    Am I being unreasonable when I say I think this is kinda steep for 1 class in a SCHOOLING show?

    Class fee (if a usdf member) $15 non member $20
    Office fee (mandatory) $10
    Stall fee $50
    $75 non-member $80

    Other fees

    If you want to qualify for series champion $5
    non competing horse $15
    incomplete/incorrect entry fee $10
    grounds fee if no stall purchased $5 per horse
    Only $50 for a stall? VERY Reasonable - we pay at LEAST $75 and you're FORCED to get a stall.

    The "$75 non-member $80" is for what membership? The local club? That outrageous. If it's for USDF membership why not purchase a lifetime membership then you won't have to pay it from her on out (that's what I did over 10 years ago and it's been well worth my money).
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