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View Poll Results: Do you clean stalls Christmas Day?

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  • No.

    30 9.68%
  • Yes.

    224 72.26%
  • Yes, I just pick them though.

    40 12.90%
  • Santa does them!

    16 5.16%
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    Nov. 30, 2006


    Yes they are cleaned, I clean them.
    I dont think it is fair for the horses to stand in the dirty stall while I am opening presents.

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    Sep. 21, 2007

    Default understand your point

    Quote Originally Posted by county View Post
    LOL No I wouldn't say I live a sheltered life at all. Just surprised at the number kept in stalls. All the reserch I've ever read, every vet I've ever talked to say liveing outside is much better for a horses health. We show some and kerep them outside also. Each to their own personally I'm responsable for mine and I have to do what I feel is best for their health.
    I circumvented this 'issue' by leaving him out all day/night in a small paddock w/ access to his stall. I could only do it though b/c we had warm weather and no frost. He's recovering from an injury so if its going to frost at night, he's got to stay in. I'm not risking a re-injury b/c of silliness on slippery ground. On Christmas morning I went out and fed him a Christmas mash, pulled off his sheet, picked the two poop piles in his stall, tossed hay, and went on my merry way!

    He's slowly being allowed greater turn-out, otherwise he'd be out almost 24/7 on a regular basis. His old schedule was; come in from the big field (access to his stall, I have lots of gates/fencing options) for brekkie, I pick stall if there is anything in there, wash buckets, etc. and ride him. Shut access to big field, allow access to smaller field, then pop back to the barn to flip on the fans, put on his fly sheet, fly mask (now remove blanket/sheet) and let him out into the fresh air and sunshine until dinner time! If I'm showing he has on his UV scrim sheet and stays under the fans in the afternoon. Otherwise, he's out baby!

    But I couldn't enjoy Christmas if my horse was stuck in a dirty stall. Or it could be I'd just be dying for an excuse to escape 'family time'?
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