I have done both for many years; riding to hounds, hunting on foot, day/night and pens in the summer to start young hounds and to exercise the rest.

A pen is a lot more fun that boring boring boring walking hounds.

I t pains me to see so many here that will throw the other man's sport under the bus to save their own, but Liz an Greg have done an excellent job of replying to those.

gkittredge has it right.

First the pens. Then the coon and bear hunters. Then the hound deer hunters, then who is next?

Ride to hounds? The guy who has the one horse standing outside on a cold winter day? Never mind that he has a Rambo blanket that melting snow can not penetrate and is more comfortable than he would ever be in his stall.

But the crazies don't care about that.

AR's hate people. Even more than that, they hate to see people having fun.

If you are having fun with animals, be aware that they are eventually going to come for YOU!


If we do not wish to lose our freedom, we must learn to tolerate our
neighbor's right to freedom even though he might express that freedom
in a manner we consider to be eccentric.