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    Apr. 8, 2004
    The Great, uh, Green (?!?!) North!

    Default Spinoff: True Confessions. What are YOUR DQ tendencies?

    Hi. My name is Ibex. And I am a Dressage Queen. Ok, maybe just a DQ-in-training, but I've noticed some disturbing trends.

    1. I dress better for the barn than I do for work. Clean Breeches and an appropriate top...BUT...the breeches were bought on eBay and the tops off a clearance rack.

    2. I ride a lovely DWB schoolmaster with skills far beyond my own...BUT...I don't own her. Couldn't afford her if even if she were for sale.

    3. I have an overwhelming urge to snarl at people who cut through my stretchy circles...BUT... I don't. I suck it up. Unless it's a specific, very good friend who I'll give an exaggerated evil look, and only because she will in turn mock me for my DQ habits.

    4. I own a lovely, custom saddle. I feel it does improve how I ride... BUT... I bought it used and just totally lucked out that it was made for someone who was the same shape as me AND fits the horse.

    5. I have a fetish for matching polos and saddle pads. Extra points if they also match my shirt. There is no BUT for this one. It's just the way it is.

    6. I love going to the spa...BUT... I don't do it very often, and I never get a manicure because it's pointless.

    I've admitted it. I'm a DQIT. If I ever turn into a complete one I can trust my friends to beat me back into shape.

    So what are YOUR DQ tendencies?
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    "Adulthood? You're playing with ponies. That is, like, every 9 year old girl's dream. Adulthood?? You're rocking the HELL out of grade 6, girl."

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    Nov. 1, 2005
    The Prairie

    Default Shameful secret

    Ok, since we are in a confessing mood....
    I like getting facials. I try to get one about 4 times per year.
    It's shameful, I know.
    OTOH, I jumped a gymnastic with my horse last night.
    Does that balance things out?

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    May. 26, 2006
    North Carolina


    hm. Perhaps I am quite the DQ. I didn't know my manicures would count against me! (ok. I haven't gotten a manicure in a long time. Just pedicures.)
    Once I get to the barn, I can tack up my horse and have the perfect ride, without stepping outside. [with mirrors]
    If I don't feel like going to the barn, I can call my trainer, and if she has time, she'll work her for me.
    My ultimate spoilage: when I show? I just meet my horse at the showgrounds. And this is the most embarrassing part for me: if I have trouble with my warmup at the show? I let my trainer hop on.

    But... with all of these conveniences, it makes it POSSIBLE for me to work a 55-hr/week job that controls my life and ride and compete. (and with the 55-hr weeks paying for the conveniences)

    My friends picked on me a couple of weeks ago when I said "My massage therapist..."

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    Jun. 11, 2007


    I just copied Ibex's original post and edited to suit my needs... here goes:

    1. I dress better for the work then the barn... because I work at a credit union. However, I always wear clean clothes, then again, I do typically wear the same breeches a couple days in a row - why wash when they aren't dirty? (That's not very DQ of me... I know!)

    2. I ride a nice Appaloosa gelding. Honest but you definitely have to work for every little thing. He's a sweetheart even though he's the crabbiest horse at the barn. I wouldn't trade him for the world... though I would love a nice, push-button WB type. (Did I just say that? Don't tell Gus).

    3. I have an overwhelming urge to snarl at people who cut me off. Left to Left except you YIELD to the more advanced movements. If I'm doing an SI on the long side... move to the quarter track... cause obviously I'm doing something a bit more advanced then just trotting around the arena. That being said, I don't ever get upset - I just go around them. Sorta screws up my training though.

    4. I own a lovely, Kieffer saddle. Bought used a year ago from a lady at the barn - no longer fit her horse. $700. Only 2 years old. Little wear. Fits both me and my horse quite well. Retails new for over $2k. First saddle though (for the last 5 years) was a Wintec 500. Loved that saddle. Worked well enough for a good, starter saddle. My other saddle is a lovely Stubben Woton - which they no longer make. Nice saddle too.

    5. I, too, have a love for matching polos and saddle pads. However, I've gotten slightly lazy and now I don't use polos as often. (By the time I get off work and get to the barn for my lesson, I have 10 minutes to get ready and start my warm-up. I'm typically a bit late because I get off at 5pm and lesson starts at 6pm. So, I use DSBs usually).

    6. I love going to the chiropractor and massage therapist. Used to see the MT every other week. Got lax on it because of other issues (i.e. going to a PT instead) so now I'm going to go back to my every other week massage. I see the chiro as needed... usually every 3 or so weeks. I love pedis and manis but don't see the point in doing them when I'm out with horses all the time. Although, my toe nails are usually always painted a lovely shade of pink .

    So, I'm sortof a DQIT, more so then anyone else at my barn. My horse also has a very nice, big wardrobe to go with it. I'm always getting compliments, or more like - we're always coordinating.

    That's me!

    ETA: I also have the luxury of riding in a heated, indoor arena (with mirrors on one long side and one short side). So the only stepping outside I have to do is from my SUV to the barn and then from the barn to Gus's turnout... then back into my SUV when I leave. Pretty nice. Oh, and we have a heated grooming stall too. Really nice!
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    Jan. 8, 2003
    On the Edge.


    Quote Originally Posted by appychik View Post

    1. I dress better for the work then the barn... because I work at a credit union. However, I always wear clean clothes, then again, I do typically wear the same breeches a couple days in a row - why wash when they aren't dirty? (That's not very DQ of me... I know!)

    ETA: I also have the luxury of riding in a heated, indoor arena. So the only stepping outside I have to do is from my SUV to the barn and then from the barn to Gus's turnout... then back into my SUV when I leave. Pretty nice. Oh, and we have a heated grooming stall too. Really nice!

    Well, I could say "very spoiled" about that heated ring. Herump. No one needs that!!!!

    The breeches I have to tell you is a very good thing you do. Do not wash them often, in fact, the dirtier they are the better. Why? Because every time you wash them you make them wear out faster. Honestly, and if you have real leather seats, the less you wash them the better. I brush off the front of the legs, or use a wet sponge on the fronts if I get too dirty, but who gets that dirty on the horse? A bit of dust? Some hair? Brush it off and wear them for weeks!!!!!

    LOL You do not want to know how un-often I wash breeches, especially black ones. I doubt if I do them once a month, or even longer. I've had the same Schumacher leather seat breeches for over 15 years. I keep things a long time, and I am still the same size, maybe a tad smaller. The leather still is soft and pliable.
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    Oct. 10, 2005
    in the saddle


    What makes me a partial DQ:
    I love my several pairs of Pikeur full seat breeches
    I love my MDC Comfort Stirrup
    I love my beaded browband
    I love my KK Aurigan weymouth
    I love my Bionic Equestrian gloves
    I like to be clean and I like my horse to be clean. I clean my tack and my boots after every ride.
    I like to dress up for the shows and clinics. My whites ARE white at the shows. My boots are black and shiny. My hair shellacked with layers and layers of hairspray!
    I do ride a warmblood (Swedish Apendix Warmblood mare who is really 1/4 TB, 1/4 SWB, 1/4 Oldenburg and 1/4 SelleFrancias)

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    Oct. 23, 2004


    I'm really much more of a barn gal than a DQ, but I have a fetish for saddle pads, especially from Europe. Even with the dollar in the dumper, still order from Germany.
    "You gave your life to become the person you are right now. Was it worth it?" Richard Bach

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    Sep. 18, 2003


    I have an expensive, custom saddle. I had it made. By a guy with a lovely British accent who was official saddlemaker to Queen Elizabeth II.

    I polish my tall boots once a week. After riding, I wipe them off and then buff with a soft brush. I hate dirty boots.

    I wear nice breeches (just got my first pair of Equissentials -- they are heaven), matching shirts, riding vests, etc. when I ride. I may be filthy or hot and sweaty by the time I leave, but I arrive looking nice.

    I bring a hat to the barn, so I don't have to walk around with "helmet hair."

    I can choose from one indoor (with mirrors) and three outdoor arenas to ride in.

    I have no qualms about talking to the barn manager about the footing if it isn't right -- too deep, needs to be watered, worked, whatever.

    I painted dressage letters on the indoor arena walls because I couldn't stand the beat up cardboard ones. (Barn has only a handful of dressage riders.)

    I will re-schedule just about anything so I don't miss my weekly lesson.

    I do not, however, have a saddle pad fetish, ride a warmblood, or have any fear of taking my horse just about anywhere and doing just about anything with him.
    "... if you think i'm MAD, today, of all days,
    the best day in ten years,

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    Jan. 29, 2002


    My hair shellacked with layers and layers of hairspray!
    Mine too! If there is one thing that drives me crazy it's people that have their hair stringing out of their hat.

    I have 4 pair of quality dressage boots that I alternate, keeping one pair in the trailer only used for show.

    I use a clean white pad with every ride.

    The mane has to be kept short and the tail trimmed and banged. Nothing says backyard like a stringy tail and long mane.

    I would love to be a full fledged DQ, but money doesn't allow it.

    I also reschedule everything around the needs of my horses.

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    May. 15, 2003
    northern California


    I fly to Germany to take Dressage lessons and buy horse tack, clothes, etc!

    Well actually I visit family, but I combine it with the above!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mbm View Post
    forward is like love - you can never have enough

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    Sep. 17, 2003
    Toronto, Canada

    Talking DQ tendencies...

    - I get regular pedicures, massages, and chiro (Just like my horse )
    - I only use white saddle pads and dark tack. Colour is garish!
    - I ride during the day because I prefer the arena to myself, and I like daylight
    - No radio while I ride, only CD's.
    - I ride in custom boots and breeches (only because nothing off the shelf will fit my potatoesque self)
    - I brew freshly ground free trade organic Ethiopian Yirgacheffe at the barn
    - I keep cases of San Benedetto mineral water in my tack locker
    - I, too, LOOOVE my Bionic Gloves...I use the equestrian "driving" ones because I don't like velcro at my wrists

    Yikes, I really AM a DQ!
    Proud Rubenesquestrian

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    May. 10, 2003
    central CA


    I have a custom saddle, really nice bridles and only Sprenger bits, my horse is always ring-ready groomed, I clean my bridle and girth after every ride, my saddle and boots weekly, I don't care for matching anything-unless it's white with white. I like colored/patterned pads and will contrast them with my clothing for lessons and clinics, Regular lessons just nice, well fitting, comfy clothes. I am a footing nazi, luckily so is the BO where I board.
    I don't ride a WB, I like to trail ride occasionally, I have even been seen (in my dressage saddle) pushing cattle at ropings, etc., I ride outside in whatever weather we have, 5 days a week.
    Don't toy with the dragon, for you are crunchy and good with ketchup!

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    Jun. 27, 2006

    Default Top 10

    1. I have stashes of white polos and white quilted pads hidden in my closet. I compulsively buy more 'just in case' with every dressage extensions or dover order.

    2. I lose sleep & weight over the mattes vs. thinline question.

    3. I sweet talk my farrier, to make sure my horse is on the top of the list.

    4. I stash 'Ponds Exfoliating wipes' to clean my face mid-barn day, mid-show day.

    5. My hat to cover helmet hair indeed is chosen to match --nay, compliment - my sweater, vest, or polo. I don't need matching saddle pad and polos, but am morbidly embarrased by excessive clash.

    6. My horse has blanketting instructions about as complicated as a medical protocol.

    7. My horse would NEVER take a cold shower. I anthropomorphically lend him some of my DQ attributes, as necessary.

    8. Though an American TB, my horse dons a elegant, foreign name.

    9. If I am not careful, an eyebrow unconciously raises at riders putting away DIRTY tack.

    10. I obsess over cotton web reins, versus rubber web reins, versus leather w/ handstops - and the different widths and weights one can find in each. I dont have a favorite, but rather a preference depending on horse

    That said --- I'll ride anything, in any weather, get dirty, muck stalls, play in the mud, jump in the ring or out XC, trudge through rivers....

    It's all about balancign DQ with the dirt-loving-would-rather-clean-a-stall-than-her-own-room-horse-kid in you
    Remember courage is not the absence of fear; it is doing what you need to do in spite of your fear. -Sue Foley.

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    Aug. 7, 2005
    Southern California/Muenchen


    I think I must be a bit weird- I have some DQ qualities- but not all...

    I have custom, expensive saddles for my horses- yet only one nice bridle for each- of course with bling and the perfect bit- that works.
    I have matching blankets for my horses- but their name is not engraved...
    I have tons of polos- but use mostly DSBs and now of course also Fibagees to protect the ligaments,
    my horses are usually groomed to the teeth- although I do wear my riding pants for more than just one ride- usually 2 or 3....
    I wear the same old gloves every day and cry when they have too many holes in them...I use the same old whip- and spurs- nothing flashy of famous- but comfy and well tested.
    I do have regular chiro and bodywork done on my horses- as well as adequan and chinese herbs as needed...
    They have added barn care for daily handwalks and other treats- besides me showing up everyday to ride or turn out...
    I insist on first class supplements and healthy diet- daily!
    and yes I do get a mani/pedicure every so often- not weekly- and no I would never wear acrylic finger nails-...Yuck!
    But I do like my fine german riding pants with a full leather seat... maybe I am just a german DQ...?

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    Oct. 3, 2002
    it's not the edge of the earth, but you can see it from here


    my (avon, clearance, manufactured) Jade earrings today matched my vest for my lesson. Jade is for courage.

    I have a vest fetish. I collect them. NOT retail mind you, just discount, clearance etc. But, until this fall, I had quite a few that didn't quite fit yet, but I couldn't bear to resell or pass on, because 'they might fit someday.' And lo and behold, I wore one of the fancy quilted ones with a back elastic belty thingy today. And felt OH so stylish. (did I mention my earrings matched? )

    I loff to colour coordinate. I am calling it my midlife crisis. Not just "one colour for all accessories" (pad, polos, vest etc.) Rather a far more subtle, (and insidious) kind of fashion, like the polarfleece jacket matching the PIPING on the pad... The polos matching one shade of the plaid in the seersucker summer shirt. You know. That kind of thing.

    I have a polo fetish too. But only ebay, clearance or final sale. TRULY. (though for Christmas I just might get one of the sets of the ones longer for the backs. In black of course. Which will render all the loffly colour coordinated polos obselete... )
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    Bits are like cats, what's one more? (Petstorejunkie)

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    Portland, OR


    I guess I'm a "low budget" DQ in training

    1. I'm matchy matchy with all tack being black or green, I was deperssed when I had to get a navy amigo MW blanket (Rhino olive rug was too much $$$)

    2. I do own a warmblood with "fancy papers" but, I bought him as a foal because I couldn't afford the $$$$$$ trained model. He is finaly 3 and under saddle yay!

    3. My bridle is $350 ( a gift ) my saddle is a old wintek that is well....usable?

    4. My new bling browband is heading to the cobbler to be hand made because I couldn't buy off the rack( no matchy).

    5. Both my horse and I have chiro's.

    6. Breeches are FITS, but were bought on sale and only get washed about once a month.

    7. Horse is cliped, pulled, banged and vaccumed every few weeks but I just kinda
    "knock the mud off" for day to day training. Tack up time is 15 min tops...other DQ's in the barn it's about of 45 min.

    8. I can never pass on a sale, I get my winterware in the summer for 50% off!!

    In the end if I had the $$$$, I would be a true DRESSAGE ROYALITY. FEI Schoolmaster to practice on, super matchy vests, pads, and breeches, a custom saddle......but I'm happy with what I got.
    Good thing I ride better than I spell!

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    Mar. 15, 2007
    (throw dart at map) NC!


    I'm a DQ...and not a DQ.

    I have bling on my bridle that was made by a regional artisan and is somewhat unique. My horse posed forever until we decided on the best one...and yet I show in a hunt coat and until this year, field boots.

    I have top quality bridles and Sprenger bits...and yet the saddle I own is a first generation Wintec Isabell (i.e. prior to CAIR panels) (but I am searching for a leather saddle because of the holes wearing in said Isabell).

    My horse is in a fabulous breeding/training facility and I'm surrounded by fabulous horses with fabulous riders...and yet I school without polos, in ancient clothing, ultra-cheap breeches and sometimes (gasp) in a leopard print schooling pad. I own one white pad and 1 leopard print (gift), a salmon, 2 purple and some black pads. Oh, and my dressage whip is purple and my gloves have holes.

    I had acrylic nails....but then changed to an expensive farrier so off went the nails.

    My horse hates cold showers and so only gets warm water, even when the heat index is above 100 degrees...and yet I roach her mane with scissors and show her this way, too.

    My horse and I get occasional massages....and yet, well, nothing here - we've finally seen the light.

    Hmmmm, DQ? or wannabe?

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    Oct. 10, 2005
    in the saddle


    Insomnia is driving me crazy and I’m so happy that I can get a laugh during that late night hour!
    After reading what others say I have to add that I also have a hat fetish and I have a hat for every possible occasion. I own probably 30+ of them. That came from my mom being a cancer survivor.
    I just ordered Anky Pietre boots and was feeling guilty that I will end up with more than one pair of tall boots, so glad that some others have up to 4 (!!!) pairs of tall boots (tho, I was told that riders really NEED to ride in the same boots all the time)
    Yes, tail has to be banged and mane has to be pulled. But ears and nose hair is OK tho, horses need those to function.
    I also have Ponds face wipes in the barn as well as a deodorant spray to refresh myself right after the ride.
    I also loose sleep & weight over the supracore vs. thinline question

    I still think that I am very far from the real DQs

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    May. 23, 2006


    [QUOTE=J-Lu;2831553]I'm a DQ...and not a DQ.

    HA!!! So ladies...are we talking "dressage" queen or "drag" queen...I mean sometimes I am not sure....with all that "slap" and hairpray?!!

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    Sep. 13, 2002
    Azle, Teh-has

    Default Don't tell my fellow eventers:


    Left to Left except you YIELD to the more advanced movements.
    Oh god thank you. I second this statement. GET OUT OF MY WORKING PIROUETTE!

    I obsess over braids. And I will redo any that are not at least a 9 on a 1-10 scale of perfection.

    I will not ride a horse that has a button on his forehead. It looks stupid. French braids only that are flush to the forehead.

    My horse’s legs are horse spray painted black and white, accordingly, before dressage tests.

    My makeup must be perfect. I cake on the eye liner.
    It works really. I had a comment one time on a stretch walk: "very pretty rider". Giggle.

    and...The flip side:

    I HATE HATE HATE full seats. Except for XC. They may save my life one day. (sticky butt)

    I never clean my tack. Not even at shows.

    I wrap my horse with cool pack green jelly after XC. His white socks are green for SJ the next day...unless I use an overwhelming amount of horsie spray paint to cover up the greenness.

    I never groom before I ride. Sometimes I remember to pick his feet. (We are on sandy loam)

    I have two saddle pads (DQ and AP) and I use those 20 dollar open front boots with the hard shell. Not polos.
    Horses are amazing athletes and make no mistake -- they are the stars of the show!

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