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    Quote Originally Posted by 2DogsFarm View Post
    Nothing to add except:
    1 - Wow - a 5yo thread!
    2 - when I read the title I could smell the Calf Manna

    Yup, "back in the day" it was the GoTo to fatten up a horse.
    That and the TizWiz were staples in the H/J barn I rode at in the mid-80s.
    Funny you should mention that:
    I can still smell and taste Vimcon... (sp) lol Oh, and Sweet Feed too. yummy!
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    Quote Originally Posted by runNjump86 View Post
    When I post on my phone I'm not going to insert five different paragraphs. Once again, "fed" is past tense, so perhaps reading comprehension would help.

    And yes, I am well aware that muscling comes through work, and correct work, which in my second post I stated we ARE working on. Thank you for pointing out the obvious.
    Guess if you can't be bothered to ask questions well, even on a phone, expecting us to mindread what you don't write understandably, I won't be bothered to help again. Bludejavu has the right idea and I sure won't bother a person who already "Knows it all and is rude in the bargin".

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