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    tim_hortons_pony Guest


    my condolesences to you and your husband! </3

    just curious though, what did happen when you told your neighbours? I noticed that you said they moved...coincidence or...? lol

    I can't believe they would be that ignorant, but at the same time maybe misinformed (ingnorant?) I don't know, but I'm guessing they're not horse people...

    Better luck this year! I'm scared about the July 1st fireworks, my pony is kind of a spazz....and only 5

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    Aug. 27, 2007
    Loudoun County, Virginia


    My neighbors were quite thoughtful this past weekend when they had their HUGE annual pre-4th party, complete with a full band (with stage) and bar...and a giant REAL teepee. The guests bring tents because they don't want drinking and driving. We were invited, but were busy earlier in the evening and this is more the biker/marajuana/tattoo crowd so we weren't planning on partying the night away with them.

    They called a few weeks before and told us they would be doing fireworks - well, they asked if it would be okay and I told them yes, and thank you. They said we'll do them between 9 and 9:30. Low and behold, at 9:10 the fireworks started...and it had to be at least $1000 dollars worth, probably more. They were done at 9:30. Band stopped and music was turned down at 10pm. No fireworks over our property. No one parked on our land. No trash. No naked drunks. No speeders on our private road. I need to give them a call and tell them how much it was appreciated.

    I was able to go down to the barn afterwards and turn the radio and light off and sleep peacefully knowing the horses were okay.

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    Jan. 16, 2002


    Sounds like quite a nice improvement in neighbors.

    Definitely let them know how much you appreciate it. Let's see, you said they like marijuana? Bake them some "special" brownies! (No, I'm just kidding!)
    "We don't ride the clock. We ride the horse." Reiner Klimke.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tim_hortons_pony View Post
    just curious though, what did happen when you told your neighbours? I noticed that you said they moved...coincidence or...? lol
    Yep, coincidence.

    None of the offending neighbors reacted in any way to the letter I sent out. Pretty much all of the people who live on my road (none of whom did anything that would have bothered any of my animals) stopped by at some point to offer condolences. But the people who live right around us ignored the whole thing. The next-to-worst neighbors are a 20-something couple that rent a house next door. They don't care what impact they make on the neighborhood and are the type that feel like it's their god-given right to do ANYTHING they want any time of the year others be damned! Hopefully they go to someone else's house this year. The other really bad set of neighbors had 2 out of control teenaged boys....those are the ones who moved.

    thumbsontop--I wish I had neighbors like yours....that sounds like a great neighborhood party.....non-impact!

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