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    You could go with SoCo...(i.e. southern comfort with soda, please)
  2. heretics

    A heretic in the historical sense is a person who publically or privately disagreed with established Church dogma. But in general, it can be used to mean anyone who holds a belief that is outside...
  3. no, don't drink the kool is posioned.

    Run, don't walk, away.

    Draw reins for every flat ride screams of a trainer who doesn't know how to properly train a horse. Injecting hocks that don't need them is stupid and expensive.

  4. Thanks....

    That is a great and thougthful post, thanks.

    Was going for the fun part of poking fun.

    I too learned more than I can ever know in H/J land before I came to eventing and had a similar ah-ha...
  5. I do know that, but it isn't like anyone from the...

    I do know that, but it isn't like anyone from the H/J board is going to read this.
  6. Kudos to the Mom of 8!

    Besides the fact that you appear sane, kudos for letting your kids go out there, put it on the line, and (hopefully not-but it happens) get the resulting knocks becuase of it.
  7. Kitten porn.... Coffee up nose! Can't wait...

    Kitten porn....

    Coffee up nose!

    Can't wait for pics.

    Yep, little baby animals heal so well for the most part. I can't rememeber what book or movie it is from, but a kid has been in a car...
  8. So sorry about your girl. Bless your heart, a bad...

    So sorry about your girl. Bless your heart, a bad stretch with the critters is soul draining. But, like you said, non of them will be alone for long.
  9. Well, I should go first

    That all of our horses were failed hunters or that we were all failed hunter riders.....
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    I have the Equi-Fit T Foam polos, and they aren't cheap ($90 a pair) but they are really nice. They are made from some space aged :D polymer non-latex foam. So they are thin but offer a lot of...
  11. Flamming Wofford and Denny...heretics!

    Everyone get your Pitch Forks! Come on, I know that you have them....

    The recent, and lively debate about, the esteemed Mr. Wofford's PH article and Mr. Emerson being flamed for not knowing...
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    Forgive me Father Wofford, for I have sinned....

    HA! What a good way to start the day, coffee all over the monitor....
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    Ha! I have a friend who breeds incredible...


    I have a friend who breeds incredible horses in Denmark, and when he was in Vegas for the World Cup and saw the hunter rounds; he totally saw dollar signs for his lower level dressage horese...
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    Most buyers just don't know how to look at a horse...

    But there are still those diamond in the rough stories from time to time (Courageous Comet, ToyTown, etc.) that come up. So anyone who knows a horse's heads from it tail thinks that they can find one.
  15. Self load

    Well: I want one of those to start.

    I bet that he just loves the road. I had a pony years ago that just loved being in a moving trailer. Werid, I guess like a person who sleeps really well in a...
  16. Yep, R&R

    They have so much experience with tendon rehab. I got a great rehab schedule from R&R for a DDFT bow at the fetlock (back leg) from them.

    Horse is sound two years later, turn out in normal, and I...
  17. the drama...

    Big Irish Jingles....

    But I can't take the IBK drama. My co-workers must think I have some kind of bi-polar disorder at this point.
  18. big ball of yarn in the sky... did a good thing. He had a nice warm home and love. That is all a little kitty needs and wants.

    You more than likely couldn't have done anything to save him. Sadly, not meant to be.
  19. saddle

    Thanks for the thoguhts, and to answer a few questions:

    1. Saddle is 6 months old and has been checked, fits her well.
    2. Thougth about the heat on the gel pad, and went back to my Mattes Fleece...
  20. I am sore, so the horse must be...

    TB mare decided that as she was not turned out yesteday, that she needed to be a total turd.

    We walked for 15 to warm up and that was good, but once we trotted (well..that is kind, ran around on...
  21. Ditto on google

    You can, with a little work, get the tag ID and then off the mighty oracle that is google to find his home.

    Google is stupidly amazing, when you get right down to it.

  22. My favorite words; I hear them a lot.

    'That won't need stiches.'
  23. NSH

    When I was first confronted with a 'NSH Horse' I was asked what I thought it meant. I took a few glances at the horse in questions, and said:

    Notoriously Stupid Horse
  24. An open letter.....

    To whom it may concern:

    I am so utterly, utterly sorry for your total and all encompassing lack of understanding when it comes to satire.

    May I suggest the work of Woodhouse or Wilde (or...
  25. That 'crazy' horse ain't nothing!

    Damm straight...its my daily ride.

    When you can't get quality, go with crazy...that's my motto!
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