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  1. Maybe Valegro Should Wear This Bit . . .

    . . . when he performs to his freestyle music "How to Train a Dragon". ;)
  2. Chinese Establish Guinness World Record for a Dressage Performance

    60 horses in one arena. Look at that arena and the horses and riders!
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    Wardrobe Malfunction While Riding!

  4. Direct TV Did a Commercial With a Horse. This is What Happened Behind the Scenes!

    Now this is a horse with personality! :lol:
  5. SRS Riders Are Just Like You and Me . . .

    . . . when they take the stallions for hacks. :)
  6. Some additional info regarding the rider from a...

    Some additional info regarding the rider from a FB posting. So work on that seat and ride it like a BOSS in your next warmup! :yes:

    This is the lovely Vasco Miragodinho on Trigo. Another...
  7. Man Paddles Out of Surfboard to Save Horses in Flood

    For those who are not aware of this, a part of Australia is having massive flooding. This is the kind of man you want around when things get tough.
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    Dujardin's Fiancee Gets the Word

    Always going to be playing second fiddle. ;)
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    Earth Day - Equine Style

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    A Woman's Moment With Foal Goes Viral

    :D Over 13 million views as of today.

    Video at the news link.
  11. This Woman Still Has It. Dressage at 92!

  12. This is How You Own the Show Warm Up Arena

  13. They Told Her To Find a Way to Get on the Pony

    And this is what she did. :D
  14. Carl Hester Talks About Valegro and the Week at Vegas

    Some interesting insights! And Carl is always a great interview!
  15. For Those Who Viewed the "Calm a Horse With Duct Tape" Video

    This might be a more effective approach than what was seen in the original. :lol:
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    I'm at South Point. It's all free.

    I'm at South Point. It's all free.
  17. Some Feminists Not Happy With Sidesaddle Riding

    As reported in this Washington Post article. Really??
  18. This is What a REAL Stagecoach Ride Was Like

    :yes: Don't miss the driver's comments about what the passengers say at the end of the drive! :lol:
  19. You Can Yell Profanities at the Police . . .

    . . . but you will move your ass along when the the police horses tell you to. :yes:
  20. Good one BLBGP!

    Good one BLBGP!
  21. This is How We All Look in Vegas for the World Cup

    Styling and swagging! ;)
  22. Opening Day at the Baseball Park Doesn't Get Any Better!

  23. Off-Duty Police Horses Have Their Hobbies Too

  24. Sidesaddle Steeplechase Racing Coming to VA Thanks to Downton Abby

    This should be fun! Looking forward to seeing which CotHers participate. :yes:
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    That Marilyn Monroe Moment

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