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    I am not a "supplement" person. However....there...

    I am not a "supplement" person. However....there is one product I swear by, and that is Omega Horseshine. I had a horse who suffered for 20 years with a horrible insect allergy and heaves. His neck...
  2. Just looked at my saddle again. This saddle does...

    Just looked at my saddle again. This saddle does come with LARGE removable knee blocks. I think I have ridden both with them and without them. I think the flap sticks out more when the knee blocks...
  3. The Wintec website says that the overgirth keeps...

    The Wintec website says that the overgirth keeps the flap against the horse and creates a "channel" for your leg to rest in. I would think that your leg being over the flap would be sufficient to...
  4. Thanks, everyone. Clair2014, those were the...

    Thanks, everyone. Clair2014, those were the things I was worried about. Hmm...not sure what I'll do. For those who cut it off....did you simply use a good pair of scissors/shears to cut it straight...
  5. Any issues/problems after cutting off overgirth on Wintec Isabell? this saddle. Have had it a year. I am so sick of dealing with the overgirth, though. I know if I cut it off, I null the warranty. I think most people end up cutting it off. Has anyone...
  6. Anybody feeding the new Purina Senior Active feed (that now has the prebiotic)?

    Opinions or results ???
  7. Well, it's been about 5 years ago, but I had...

    Well, it's been about 5 years ago, but I had problems with consistency/quality of one of their feeds....the Triple Crown Lite, to be exact. They were in the process of switching over...
  8. Flash44, thanks for your input. I have not had...

    Flash44, thanks for your input. I have not had good luck with Triple Crown products. Would prefer to stick with Nutrena or Purina, those are both readily available here in Michigan.
  9. Nutrena Special Care vs. Purina Senior Active ???

    Researching feeds for 15 year old Arab mare. History of grass laminitis, years ago--no problems since. Mare is ridden dressage 2-3 times per week. Nutrena Special Care is corn free, and 15% starch...
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    Passier Scorpius Bridle

    How do the Passier bridles run as far as size? I am trying to find a medium priced bridle to fit my Arab mare, and this bridle sounds nice. She has a wide forehead (16" browband)...which is more of...
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    Split crown dressage bridles?

    Can anyone tell me about these? Pros/cons? What is the purpose of having the split crown (i.e., the throatlatch piece of leather is a separate piece that lies behind the headstall...caveson strap...
  12. New Purina Equine Senior with ActivAge prebiotic???

    Any opinions of the new Purina Equine Senior formula ??? Just came out last month, I think.
  13. Bit thickness--Herm Sprenger Dynamic Eggbutt

    I'm considering one of these bits for an Arab mare. She does not have a particularly small mouth...can take a 5 inch bit. I am wondering which thickness may work the best...this HS bit comes in...
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    Myler eggbutt snaffle with hooks???

    I am considering trying a Myler bit for my Arabian mare. The MB04 mouthpiece (eggbutt with hooks) was recommended. They also make this bit without hooks, which is dressage legal. Has anyone used...
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    Thanks, yaya! That's what I was thinking! Thanks...

    Thanks, yaya! That's what I was thinking! Thanks for the link to the chart.
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    Irideon Breech Sizing?

    The Irideon Cadence Breech in a Medium fits me well. I'd like to get another pair of Irideons, but their stretch denim breech runs in the 24, 26, 28, 30, 32, 34 sizes. Which size should I get, 28...
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    Irideon Breech Sizing?

    A size medium in the Irideon Cadence breeches fit me great. I'd now like to buy another pair of Irideons, but they run in the standard sizes (24, 26, 28, 30, 32, 34).........which size should I get...
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    Issue with hives in Southeast Michigan?

    Is anyone else in SE Michigan battling hives in a horse that has never had them this time of year ??? Off and on for 3 weeks now for my mare. Have tried to rule out the real changes...
  19. Circle Y Arabian Saddles: Oasis, Mojave or Gobi?

    Would like to get a Circle Y Western saddle for my Arabian mare. Can anyone give me any opinions regarding these saddle models? The all have the new Flex that worth it? What are their...
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    Tribute Kalm N EZ Pelleted Feed

    Does anyone use and have opinions on this feed?
  21. Vit/Min Supplement (SmartPak) vs. commercial pelleted feed?

    Has anyone had good results with just feeding a pelleted vitamin/mineral supplement (I am considering Smartpak Thrive) along with some timothy or alfalfa pellets........vs. feeding the rcommended...
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    Nutrena Safechoice Special Care

    Anybody feeding this for their IR or possibly IR horse? Opinions?
  23. Gallopping Granny: Which girth do you use ? My...

    Gallopping Granny: Which girth do you use ? My Arab mare has a forward girth groove, also. So what works best with that conformation and the Wintec Isabel /surcingle?
  24. I don't want to cut off the strap. This is a new...

    I don't want to cut off the strap. This is a new saddle...and it will void the warranty if cut off. Also, I like how the strap pulls the flap in and creates a channel for my leg.
  25. Best girth to help stabilze surcingle strap on Wintec Isabell?

    I love my Wintec Isabell. However, I am having some trouble determining the best girth to use with it. The billet straps are on the short side, and then there is the surcingle (tie-down) strap to...
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