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  1. Is he fluffing up his fur?

    Sometimes my non-sweater sticks out his fur, even just grazing out, when the weather starts hitting the 90 degrees 90% humidity. And then he does the second sweat. Generally, this is his way of...
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    Use a soft muzzle for her for public walks? Yes,...

    Use a soft muzzle for her for public walks? Yes, it would be better to put it on the unknowledgeable dog handlers, but your dog will be on the losing end of legal issues and you will be paying vet...
  3. Congratulations!

    Such good, news!

    What is this thing called UShip?
  4. "A Cricket in Times Square"

    Don't eat Chester! He saves the newstand with his beautiful music.

    Caldecott winner? George Seldon? Wonderful story - no crickets for me.
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    Facebook group

    There is a facebook group called "Equestrians from Back in the Day" and it is photos of the great horses and riders - some from the 40,s but mostly 50's through 90's.

    Caustion: very addictive,...
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    Another thing - volunteer at a therapueutic...

    Another thing - volunteer at a therapueutic riding center that swears by this!
  7. Shout out to my small animal care teams, esp one vet tech

    In 40 years of cat concierge service (we all work for them), I have spent a lot of time with vets/techs, all pretty good. A couple of years ago, a tech I had not seen before assisted the Doc. She did...
  8. Lola Cat

    She has a great name! She does not sound ready.Enjoy her and let her enjoy all of you. Trust her to let you know. Nothing wrong with whip cream for dinner. Let her eat what she likes - great if it's...
  9. How much they make is not my business

    I'm not concerned with how much profit a trainer makes. That's not what this thread is about. It was intended to be about business practices. I haven't questioned a price, only a process. I am...
  10. "Nobody understands how hard it is to make a living"

    There seems to be a recurring theme here that trainers can charge whatever they want because "it's so hard to make a living"in the horse world. Don't like your job or not making enough money as a...
  11. Is Baytown too far?

    This sounds like the type of barn you are looking for. Also google
    the Texas Hunter Jumper Association and the Greater Houston Hunter Jumper Association. They have links for trainers. Sometimes...
  12. So the answer is, this is industry standard for...

    So the answer is, this is industry standard for billing. And the industry is ok with it. Who was the charming poster that said "because they can"? LOL.

    I don't show anymore.I prefer hunter paces...
  13. I think you guys drank the koolaid :D. In no...

    I think you guys drank the koolaid :D.

    In no universe should you pay for training at home and training on the road. That's just thievery. If anything, the trainer spends less time with your horse...
  14. Spinoff: Trainer show fees AND no-discount training board at home

    The two threads on day care fees at shows has made me wonder, again, when did double dip billing become the norm in the horse business? I am curious about how this evolved.

    It's not the norm in...
  15. Matt Cyphert's horse dumped him and the bridle!

    Matt's horse did a pretty mean duck and off he came. Bridle too, it looked like.
  16. Back in Business refused a wall

    Hope Glynn went for the higher side and horsey said no.
  17. Does Pletcher ever quit posting the canter?

    I just hate that! It's ugly, even with someone as good a rider as he is. Yikes.

    And what's with all the fake tails? Double yikes.
  18. Jersey Boy pulled a rail!

    Jen Alfano and Jersey Boy did nicely, but he pulled a rail.

    Rats - but nice to see it happens to even the best now and then.
  19. Most sitters charge for overnight as well

    If you are sleeping over, even though it is helpful for your situation, most sitters will charge an overnight fee. They are getting a very good deal. The daycare thing is not part of the deal.
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    Half chaps fine

    Half chaps are fine. Just be neat and tidy. Same for horsey. Truly, schooling shows are to be fun and confidence building. Since you are doing jumpers, you can also use a colored saddle pad for fun....
  21. Absolutely

    Yes, an additional charge would be in order. This is a time eater service. Leave your house, pick up pet, go to day care, take pet in, go extra miles to work...... You have just added an hour at...
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    True Sweat

    Am in Houston and the summer is oppressive for everyone. My guy was supposed to be a nice sales horse for a kid due to temperment and sense of humor. Totally takes a joke. But he quit sweating at 3,...
  23. Pancake saddle fan here

    I ride in a Crosby Prix de Nations - no padding or rolls anywhere. I like to feel the horse. Grew up riding bareback a lot and still do in the summer.

    Hopefully, more people will respond with...
  24. Love the horse in the bikini

    Great pics! I think your horse wants to be mine and we will take the photographer too! Enjoy this very special horse!

    I like the release where the horse is jumping the moon. You are wearing a...
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    Blue Ribbon Meadows

    Blue Ribbon Meadows is in Katy, closer to most than Kristy Limon's place, and definitely closer than Pine Hill.

    Kristy hosted a Buck Davidson clinic over a month...
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