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  1. Not an abscess... so what else could it be??!

    17 year old gelding with pretty bad ringbone in both front pasterns came up very, very lame in RF two and a half weeks ago. Vet came out, blocked low in his foot (was sound), poked around and said...
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    This is a trainer who puts the needs of the horse...

    This is a trainer who puts the needs of the horse first, way ahead of her own personal needs.

    This is a trainer who had, on multiple occasions, driven almost two hours to voluntarily work with a...
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    Just one more chiming in - I held my tongue...

    Just one more chiming in - I held my tongue hoping this would just die away, but forget that. Dom is a friend of mine (in real life, not just internetz) and I respect her greatly has a horseperson. ...
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    $20 to spend on Amazon...

    I have $22 left on an Amazon gift card, what's the best horse-related item I could buy? I trail ride and ride dressage with my Percheron cross. Books, tack, apparel or stable supply item...
  5. Peri-articular Ringbone Treatment

    Hey COTH!

    My horse, a 16 year old Percheron x Thoroughbred gelding, has moderate-to-severe periarticular ringbone in both front pasterns. I've owned him for four and a half years, and prior to...
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