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    she's awesome

    and will bend over backward to help you get what you need for your pony!!!
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    off the grid...and now back on

    i have been off the chronicle grid for the past 10 months or so...major life changes, major stuff happening in my little world of fat orange ponies....just signed back on today and can't believe how...
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    I was once at a barn that did this because of...

    I was once at a barn that did this because of religious beliefs....horses were hayed by the no religious member of the family that owned the barn, but stalls were not done, water in the paddocks was...
  4. I got my box I got my box I got my box!!!!!

    Thank you so much Cinnamon and Donkey!!!! I am SUCH a fat pony but I CAN'T WAIT TO EAT MY TREATS ALL UP!!!!!!! My mom I am sure will make me go slow so I actually TASTE them...she is so mean!!!! ...
  5. Thread: $6200

    by audgesmom


    Guys.....the comfort of a saddle is independent of the price! It is about how your particular pelvis/femur etc work with that particular saddler's specs!!!!! What feels good to me will not feel...
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    broken heart via horsey guy

    Redyard...I was dating a farrier with whom I fell head over heels in love with....and expericenced the same dear pony started to take a back seat to him...I could have a lesson scheduled...
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    the other side having had a SO who was not horsey....

    After 17 years with a SO who ultimately finially left me because of the horses..other things as well but the horses were a big part of it...I am sort of dating a *gasp* farrier! NOT MY PERSONAL...
  8. audge had so much fun with this last

    audge had so much fun with this last a great box of treats and really enjoyed putting together our box was nice to get regional horse treats....
  9. my fatlinger is in a Warendorf monoflap wide....I...

    my fatlinger is in a Warendorf monoflap wide....I had my saddler drop the panels, completely reflock in real wool, then custom fit to my beast. He has had many duetts, all 36 cm, but they did...
  10. I have just been through this....

    and I am walking away from the co-op I established after 3 years of trying to make it affordable for my friends to keep their horses.....I am so relieved to give notice to my land owner, dissolve...
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    I have a gorgeous Eurofit navy coat, which I have...

    I have a gorgeous Eurofit navy coat, which I have retired, because I cannot afford a nice nice nice navy helmet just for show.....I have a nice nice nice charles owen, and a nice nice nice cavallo...
  12. Humility

    My heffalump is trying to teach me to BREATHE and RELAX... I am trying hard to get it...he has also taught me to be HUMBLE ohhh sooo humble.......I am sure he is thinking "good lord woman, get a...
  13. stick horse rider.....

    I rode a stick until about the age of the woods of New England and the forests of the Pacific Northwest....sometimes I think I should go BACK to riding sticks................
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    how to create an alter

    please tell me how to create an alter..I can't seem to figure it out...I promise not to abuse it!!!!
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    6,703 you thought you knew how to... you thought you knew how to ride...HA!

    Pony is a four letter word!

    I ride a cart horse!

    Riding is...humbling.......

    3 horse owners 4 opinions
  16. my horse is BONO

    SSSHHHHHH he has no idea he is a haflinger! And boy can he sing!!!
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    Some of my guys are out 24/7 right now.....we...

    Some of my guys are out 24/7 right now.....we have pasture and grazing paddocks, along with dry lot, so we can cover nearly every need....the pasture is not 'lush' but the horses on pasture are...
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    stb/morgan x pony mare for adoption

    Jazzy is a 14 hand 15 year old stb and possibly morgan mare who is getting ready for a new forever home. We currently have Jazzy in summer training and are confident that she will make a great 2nd...
  19. I should wear a grazing muzzle, need a massage,...

    I should wear a grazing muzzle, need a massage, and really should be doing trot sets rather than watching vids of musical kurs....
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    hey hey hey......

    come on guys..don't be so quick to slam a saddle...think a minute..every rider has a different conformation...just like every horse! Some people have a pelvis that naturally sits in one position,...
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    g&t you have a pm

    g&t you have a pm
  22. a friend's musical hubby found me U2's...

    a friend's musical hubby found me U2's Unforgettable Fire with Bono's voice backed off...I cry when I put this together in my car listening and I have tried with my KUR tunes thingy.....but I can't...
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    I have just read this article.........Poor Max..a...

    I have just read this article.........Poor Max..a bolt is terribly terrible for all his people........this could happen to any of us so very easily.....
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    oh dear.........

    Oh dear...thank goodness I work with horse people... I was able to cry all day, through pony club lessons, through taking care of my own horses, through to now.....we are soo devastated by this...
  25. I ride with an r judge who is incredibly patient...

    I ride with an r judge who is incredibly patient and has a great sense of humor....THANKS DOT!
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