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    He was advertised cheaply and I picked him up for...

    He was advertised cheaply and I picked him up for less than I would have found something straight off the track. Think college student budget ??. I've only had him a couple weeks but I've known the...
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    I already did buy him just curious on his...

    I already did buy him just curious on his breeding. Although his breeding seems to be true. He's pretty darn sound but I was able to by him because of "disclosed behavior problems". He is hot and can...
  3. I am going with Exercise Caution. It goes along...

    I am going with Exercise Caution. It goes along with my retired mares name and in the bill of sale there is a clause that states the horse has exhibited gangrenous behavior and this behavior has...
  4. Bartville Running attachment length

    Does anyone have a bartville running attachment in cob and horse they could measure for me? I need to order one but i can't find the measurements in their catalog.
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    TB pedigree opinion

    Just curious on the opinion of this guys breeding. He is turning out to be more if a steal of a deal everyday.
  6. Schockemoehle Den Haag browband???

    Does anyone know where I can get this browband without the bridle? Or one of similar quality?

    It is a 3/4 row swarvoski browband with tiny crystals? I can't find one online that I know is good...
  7. Best Leather Halter with pictures??

    I am buying a new leather halter for my new horse. I've been through the threads and the top 3 seem to be Quillins, Albright, and Tack of Ocala. Does anyone have actual pictures of these halters? I...
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    I thought it was an odd comment too. I event but...

    I thought it was an odd comment too. I event but work for a dressage rider... Maybe she was thinking Spanish walk? Ill give her the benefit of the doubt ;)
  9. Its too bad the someone couldnt snatch her up for...

    Its too bad the someone couldnt snatch her up for cheap. I had an Iron Cat daughter that was a peach, great mover, INCREDIBLE mind. I took her through a Taco Bell drive through once, but an old track...
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    I am not a huge fan of figure 8s especially with...

    I am not a huge fan of figure 8s especially with horses that are not good in the mouth. You have to over tighten them to keep the mouth closed which is the opposite of what you are trying to do which...
  11. New horse needs a new show name!!!!

    After retiring my mare in Aug of last year I finally found a replacement! He is a 8 year old dark bay with just a tiny bit of white on his forehead. He has been competing at prelim and was entered...
  12. Thanks!!! Exactly what I was going for. I...

    Thanks!!! Exactly what I was going for.

    I have used paprika before but you need to start it before they grow their summer coat in. I did it with my personal horse and she stayed very dark but my...
  13. Dyeing a coat back to black. Is it legal??

    I have a horse I am sending to a big show in a month. All our horses get turnout for multiple hours a day but even with a fly sheet this one is orange. He is a true black but you would never guess...
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    Scarred hoof, would this concern you?

    Through a friend I found my next potential upper level horse. He has a super jump, really nice mover with a good mind. He's green as grass but was still a pleasure to ride. Unfortunately he has a...
  15. beowulf and Scaramouch nailed it

    beowulf and Scaramouch nailed it
  16. From a sellers point of view yes. You put years...

    From a sellers point of view yes. You put years and years of training into a Rolex horse and a measly 50k is all you get. When in another discipline 50k will buy you an average 5 year old with maybe...
  17. Concerned about eventer price tags. Where does this leave our sport??

    Recently I have seen quite a few Rolex horses go up for sale. Not top finishers but horses that have the experience and can take a ambitious pro up the levels. This price range is between 50k-90k. I...
  18. What can I get my TB mare approved??

    I am seriously considering breeding my mare next year but for her best chances of getting approved I want to get her inspected now while she is still competing. Also will they consider the fact that...
  19. Anyone use Leather Luster to patent their boots?

    I am planning on using Leather Luster to "patent" a pair of tall boots I bought on sale. Has anyone used it before? How does it wear over time?
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    Fashion Police Help!

    I work at a dressage barn so I in the midst of blinged out saddles and patent leather everything so I have to ask my eventing friends about this grey coat I want for dressage. Yay or neigh? ;)
  21. Project opinions. Do I take home or not??

    I want some opinions on this guy. I would be taking him on as a project and possibly a resale. He caught my eye because of his expression and to die for temperament.

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    Canter Cutie

    I have been keeping my eyes open for an up and coming prospect and this guy was posted today. I have been looking at 6 figure warmbloods for the last year so my eye for the race rat is a little...
  23. Monocrown drop noseband.... thats rolled?

    I recently bought a half rolled bridle (cheeks are rolled but crown is not. It came with a crank but I put my mare back in a drop. Does anyone know of a drop you can buy separately from the bridle?...
  24. Idocus for eventing, any Idous eventers out there??

    I have done my research and it seems like Idocus throws talented offspring in both dressage and jumping that have good temperaments. I am looking into breeding my TB mare for an upper level prospect....
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    Elegant drop bridle?

    I need a cob drop bridle but can't really find one that is pretty refined looking for my little TB mare. I love the Dyon drop bridle but I can't pay $550+ for a bridle I only use on one horse. Ideas?
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