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    She's a good horse person

    I've known Terry for years and commend her to you as a person and as a horse dealer. She has imported some nice Irish horses for eventing, for her own riding and for sale. Here's the website for...
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    Thanks - just what I needed

    Thanks to you all--that was the information that I needed
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    Researching a Judge's qualifications

    I hope this question isn't repetitive, but I have searched the forum without finding my answer.

    How does one check on the current status of a dressage judge at a local show. And do points count...
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    Can I learn from your experience?

    I have a horse in Richmond who was just diagnosed with an iris cyst. The diagnosis came from an exam to explain new and very uncharacteristic spookiness over low jumps.

    I'm probably going to have...
  5. My horse has the same problem. Let us know your results

    Love to know your results.
  6. check out the website for South East Virginia...

    check out the website for South East Virginia Dressage Association - there usually are ads for different facilities there (might be in their newsletter).

    You can get to their website through the...
  7. Your horse will learn to go - it takes mileage and trust

    When I first took my horse cross country, he had to stop at every jump, then "troll-jump" (way over-jump and keep his feet HIGH in case there are trolls hiding in the jump) every jump, then jump...
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    Well, my horse's name is Ticket to Ride so the...

    Well, my horse's name is Ticket to Ride so the Beatles would be the obvious choice.
  9. Mary is WONDERFUL

    I've taken her clinic at Wingreen twice (and signed up for this one) and she's wonderful--very positive and encouraging and says things that make real sense to me (and, therefore, a difference in my...
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    Collecting adjectives

    I came late to dressage and my horse wishes I'd never made it at all. I keep trying to tell him that he can't do the X-C if he won't do the dressage but he still grumps. I don't care how straight...
  11. Lot of BN and N

    People seem surprised and even unhappy to hear that most of the sport of eventing is at the BN and N level. Most of the sport of baseball is at the high school or company team level. Most of the...
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