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    Tacky or Not? WWYD? :)

    Two tacky-or-not questions for the group that are slightly related

    Scenario 1) Association's year end prizes are pretty lack-luster, but owner is super stoked about her horse's achievement. ...
  2. Dangerous riding and poor horsemanship - When an acquaintance is a hot mess - WWYD?

    Super short version: Friends with a young/new trainer and her clients. Newer part time client of hers is pretty scary to watch and lacking basics. Trainer and I both concerned about client hurting...
  3. Some good ideas already, thanks guys! She's...

    Some good ideas already, thanks guys!

    She's in the Sacramento area. The schooling shows in that area are usually pretty busy, wouldn't be suprised if they are even stronger this year due to the...
  4. Braiding and how to practice when you are horseless

    A friend of mine was a decent braider in college and has been debating getting back in to it. She is horseless and not taking lessons at the moment. She never learned to do tails but turned out...
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