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  1. Also, interested, in CT.

    Also, interested, in CT.
  2. Sticky: Hi, if you're interested I live in Ledyard, Ct....

    Hi, if you're interested I live in Ledyard, Ct. and have a 15.2 H thoroughbred that only 3 people have successfully ridden. One did hunter, another evented him and the third person did dressage. He's...
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    Pickwick Prize, Zydeco Blue and High Spotlite

    Pickwick Prize, Zydeco Blue and High Spotlite
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    Zydeco Blue - 17 now. Bought him a seven year old...

    Zydeco Blue - 17 now. Bought him a seven year old at SD.
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    Broke mine in three places and separated all my...

    Broke mine in three places and separated all my ribs. Hospitlaized, used a walker, then crutches then a cane. Recovery was around 3 months, but one of the fractures was in danger of being a non union...
  6. Yes I was

    I needed to erase the memory of the last horse we put to sleep, a difficult and unusual euth - this time, I saw him sink gracefully to the ground like he wanted to roll, and then he was gone. My...
  7. I've tried reins with leather stops. Can't feel...

    I've tried reins with leather stops. Can't feel the difference. Needs to be a bigger difference. The martingale stop might be enough. I'll give it a try. Thanks Hoopoe.
  8. Can you ride with a knot in your reins in a dressage test?

    Any specific rules regarding this? I have little feeling in my left hand due to breaking all the bones from my fingers to my shoulder and nerve damage. So I can't feel that rein and it slips unless...
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    Born and raised in Watertown . . . . .

    It has changed alot since I was there, still the main industry is the health care field which might work with your skills. The northern NY people embrace the winter, they snowmoblie, go ice fishing,...
  10. Best advise I ever received . . .

    Make sure you love, love, love your music. You're going to be hearing it alot!
  11. Many good experiences

    I've free leased four wonderful mares and three geldings, actually won a contest to lease one of the mares that was posted here on the board. I had the honor of taking care of Savannah V whose owner...
  12. Can this be done? making a freestyle using iMovie and GarageBand on my iPad?

    My desktop is dying, trying to decide whether or not to replace it with a Mac.
    In the interim, has anyone put together an audio track using GarageBand on their iPad!
    Also, has anyone used iMovie...
  13. new hashtag

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    Don't drop the _ right rein!
  15. a question for Pipkin

    I looked up the Mark Todd fleece lined boots and only found a UK site. Is that how you got yours. The site also had more breeches for men than I've ever found here.
    Thanks in advance, Donna
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    Well then here's your quote of the day . . .

    "If we did all of the things we are Capable of doing,
    we would literally Astonish ourselves" - Thomas Edison
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    4 years out

    Before my TKR, I did all the research and blogs, including videos of the operation. In retrospect, that was probably not a good idea. (the videos). It's a pretty barbaric procedure. I think in the...
  18. German martingale

    My husband uses a German Martingale for everything but dressage. Control when you need it without changing the bit he likes. Easy to detach to if you decide you don't want to use it and keep riding....
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    I'll throw this out there . . .

    The last dressage test this horse ever did, it was raining so hard I couldn't see. We needed one more qualifying score for a championship. We won the class and got the score we needed. We had been...
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    Standlee Hay from Tractor Supply?

    Has anyone tried this hay? Looking for a source that would be reliably consistant. If you have, could you tell me if it's true to weight? I was thinking of using it a flake or two at night in the...
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    Happened to me . . .

    Resisted going to look at this "free gelding" for months. After a rough day of haying I finally broke down and went to see him. Drop dead gorgeous, 16.2, Trakx, great breeding (cousin to Totilas),...
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    Digital scribing

    I'm interested in finding out more about digital scribing. Does anyone have good links to websites?
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    A question for the rules gurus

    In a recognized Horse Trials, does every ride have to be equipment checked by the ring starter? Or just 1/3 of the rides in the class like dressage shows.
  24. Sticky: We have a 15.3 gelding that needs work. near...

    We have a 15.3 gelding that needs work. near Mystic Ct, Would trade for cost of his shoes (front only) about $80.00 every 6 weeks and barn chores. Email me at for pics and video...
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    The rule

    During the test, the judge at C can stop, check and eliminate the horse and rider for the "Blood Rule". After the test is over, during the post check ride by the ring steward, if anything seems...
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