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  1. IMHO the religious nutters have a hand in this. ...

    IMHO the religious nutters have a hand in this. They are the reason Texas didn't have pari-mutual for most of the 20th century. They seem to think that the historical racing terminals are really...
  2. Texas Racetracks Shutting Down at Midnight Tonight

    Looks like the Texas Racing Commission and the legislators can't agree on whether Texas gets historical racing terminals. Here's the link:...
  3. I use the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer face & body...

    I use the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer face & body stick. So far I have not had a problem with it running into my eyes. I have also used a tinted sunscreen stick by Shiseido that is mostly titanium...
  4. Here's one I haven't seen anyone else list

    Years ago my mom bought me a book titled Fields Elysian: A Portrait of Hunting Society. It was printed in the UK about 1984 and the author is Simon Blow. He is a nephew of Phillip Cantrell-Hubbersty...
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    Barn fire tragedy near Chicago

    Very sad. A H/J barn near Chicago. A few horses did make it out, and some were outside at the time. But over 30 died.
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    Resistance training and adductor machines can help

    I second everyone who has suggested yoga or pilates or cardio.

    Resistance training is also helpful. It is good to have a strong upper body, helps prevent back pain. And it makes it easier to...
  7. Congratulations

    Very nice mare! Love the inbreeding to Humboldt, that should bode well for athleticism in her progeny. Here's hoping she has many healthy foals for you.
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    R.I.P. Diana Hobby

    Diana Hobby passed away recently at age 83. She owned a number of show hunters throughout the years. I did not know her well but whenever I talked to her she was a kind and gracious lady. Here is...
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    There used to be a British man who ran riding...

    There used to be a British man who ran riding holidays in Romania. He had a blog called the Transylvanian Horseman, here is a link to one of his entries:...
  10. I have Dehners paddock boots and they have no...

    I have Dehners paddock boots and they have no arch supports or anything inside so they accommodate orthotics very well unless they're really bulky. They also come in widths, which is good if your...
  11. Jock itch cream for ear fungus and Preparation H for black-fly bites

    I had a mare with those big white ear plaques in both ears. I thought they were fungus and so I bought some jock itch cream for them. It did help.

    I bought some Cortizone 10 (a human...
  12. Ko-Cho-Line also works

    If you can find Ko-Cho-Line which is a harness dressing, that also works. It has a stronger smell than Vaseline, a reddish color, and is about the same consistency. (Probably has Vaseline in it). It...
  13. Thread: Pommel pads

    by Sukey1971

    Usually to improve the fit of a saddle

    Most people use them to improve the fit of a saddle, especially one that's too wide, or that sits down on a horse's withers.
  14. They ride a lot of them that way

    They ride a lot of the mounted patrol horses in rope halters. I see it all the time. Not sure if it's a test they undergo or what. It seems to be a permanent thing. Not something I would advise,...
  15. And the "Welch" ponies with good "confirmation".

    And the "Welch" ponies with good "confirmation".
  16. I have always thought Cost Conscious has an...

    I have always thought Cost Conscious has an interesting pedigree for a sport horse sire although I have never seen him or his foals. He is by Believe It, who was also the sire of Rock Point, and out...
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    I have had the best luck with Flick's

    I have used several (Equisect, Marigold, Absorbine Green, Flick's) and the best was Flick's, with Equisect second. Flick's also seemed to work on those big black bloodsucking flies that come out at...
  18. Article today on NY mayoral candidates' positions on carriage horses

    Crain's NY Business ran an article today about the positions of some NY mayoral candidates regarding carriage horses. At least one candidate plans to make them illegal her first day in office if she...
  19. Ford trucks are the most frequently stolen vehicles in that part of Texas

    The thieves in the Houston area like all pickup trucks, but Fords especially.

    I've been to that Tractor Supply many times, always bought my horse treats and salt blocks there. Will definitely...
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    The Horses of War - NY Times blog

    This blog entry about the role of horses in the Civil War appeared in the NY Times site recently.

    It states that the South's early successes in the war were due to better cavalry units and...
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    It's well-known among racehorse folks about Nasrullah

    Fred, the first time I heard about Nasrullah’s temperament was years ago, from an old retired racehorse trainer who actually trained a number of Nasrullah foals in the 1940’s and 1950’s. The...
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    I think you should add Nasrullah to that list

    Nasrullah was known to flake out at races and fail to finish. His foals often inherited his unreliable disposition, along with his degenerative hock disease.
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    Here is an update

    Update at:
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    i agree

    i don't think he is a refiner type. You would probably get a rather stout foal.
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    Bayview is probably the best in the area

    The trainer at Bayview has a lot of experience in both hunters and jumpers, at A shows. I haven't lived in that part of town in years so there could be some new barns I'm not aware of, however.
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