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  1. He May Be Small, But He Rocks With His Spanish Walk and Airs-Above-Ground

    Little bugger loves showing off! :D
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    Poetry in Motion - Synchronicity!

  3. While City Slickers are Complaining About Snow and Winter . . .

    . . . ranchers are out with their teams taking care of business. :yes:
  4. This is What You See Driving Through the Russian Steppes in Winter

    Our horses can stop complaining about the snow and cold now. :yes:
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    Military Riders are a Breed Apart

    After watching this video, you might come to the same conclusion! :yes: Notice this competition is all done on a paved road too! :eek:
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    Yes, I posted that video on the forums awhile...

    Yes, I posted that video on the forums awhile back.
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    GP Horse + White Tarp = Goosebumps!

    :yes: :encouragement:
  8. Step Right Up Ladies and Gentleman and Watch a T-Rex Dinosaur Ride a Horse!

    And don't miss the ending! :lol: :D We now need dinosaur-only rider competition classes! :yes:
  9. Do Barn Owners/Trainers Sometimes Feel Like This?

    A FB friend of mine posted this. It was 9:45 p.m. after a 15 hour day running the farm and one more horse to ride. As you can see, he gave up! :lol: :D
  10. When Flatwork Gets Boring, Give This Simple Thing a Try

    It only involves a bar chair, something I'm sure CotHers are familiar with. ;)
  11. Sometimes a Horse Has to Go Into the Water to Get a Good Meal

  12. Sometimes You Go To a Vet Clinic, Look Around, and Know You Don't Belong There

  13. Perhaps the Best Musical Quadrille I've Seen

    Fantastic choreography, matched horses, superbly ridden (as expected from Germans), and in the short arena! Do not miss this!
  14. I Probably Can't Afford This, But I Want It!

    Wow! :yes:
  15. So You Got 2-3 Feet of Snow at Your Place? Pffft!

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    Pony Vaulting!

    At the end, you will see there are three ponies! :D
  17. Look at This LARGE Herd of FINE Looking Mules Being Herded By Two Guys

  18. Somewhere There is a Woman and a Horse Running Free

  19. Deleted - Duplicate Post

    Wrong topic!
  20. After the Snow Storm, Woman Gets to Work on Her Horse

    Good boy "Rascal"! News video of the ride at the link.
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    A Horse of Many Talents!

    The fun starts 1:05 into the video. Look at all this horse does! :lol: :D
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    Video - "Dating a Horse Girl"

    Nailed it! :lol: :D
  23. A Snowy Field and a Gang of Haflingers!

    Don't miss the Haflinger race in the snow at the end! :D
  24. When Horsepower Fails, It's Time to Bring Out the REAL Horse Power!

  25. There Were Some Badass Riding Women Back in the Day!

    And doing it side saddle too! It's too bad not many people today know of these women and what they did.
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