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  1. Oops! Here is the link...

    Okay...brain not working today. Here is the link:

    Thanks for pointing that out to me!
  2. Funny "Donkey Shows the House" video needs your votes...last few days!

    Hey Everyone,

    Just a reminder that there is still time to vote (you can vote once every 24 hours) for my wee donkey, Rogie, in the Coldwell Banker "Life, Camera, Action!" contest. We are doing...
  3. Please help keep Rogie ("Hilarious Donkey in the House" video) in the top ten!

    Hey Everyone,

    The competition is heating up in the video contest I told you about, the Coldwell Banker one in which clients were supposed to showcase their home from the point of view of a child...
  4. You have to wait a full 24 hours to vote again

    Thanks so much -- you are very sweet! I think the voting thingy has a strict 24 hour clock on it, so you have to wait that long to be able to vote again. We're still holding on at #3, so as long as...
  5. Pardon my ignorance of the forum speak :lol:! ...

    Pardon my ignorance of the forum speak :lol:!

    Oh my goodness, I love that age...your little girl must be so cute!

    Rogie loves children and actually gives them hugs by wrapping his neck around...
  6. Hi Superminion, Thank you for your kind...

    Hi Superminion,

    Thank you for your kind comment and vote. Now, who is DD? A girlfriend for Rogie, perhaps? He would like to be sure that DD knows that he is very handsome, exceptionally smart, and...
  7. "Donkey in the House" video needs your votes (again)!

    Hey Everyone,

    I am happy to report that thanks to many people, including plenty of great folks from this very forum, my little video, "Rogie's Guided Tour", is now ranked #3 nationally in the...
  8. Replies

    Hi Bluey, Thanks for your kind words -- and...

    Hi Bluey,

    Thanks for your kind words -- and I'm so glad I helped your good day keep on being one!

    How did I think of it? Well, they wanted you to show your home from a pet's or child's point of...
  9. Replies

    Hilarious "Donkey in the House" video!

    Hi there,

    I hope it is okay to post this! We have entered a video contest being run by our real estate agent's company for clients selling their homes. We were supposed to create a video...
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