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  1. Glad to hear they have them back but not so glad...

    Glad to hear they have them back but not so glad to find out the property owner was charged w 12 counts of animal cruelty in July and pled guilty to one of those charges in January according to this...
  2. So this is just a county vendetta against one...

    So this is just a county vendetta against one barn not any others ? I'm not on facebook. Can someone link the video loading the horses ? How awful to have someone who doesn't know the herd loading...
  3. So the county is going to take on the care and...

    So the county is going to take on the care and feeding of 21 horses in the dead of winter w no turnout ? Is it just the one barn or are other barns involved ? One story made it sound like a roundup...
  4. Marylanders - whats going on w PG CO horse seizures ????

    Have heard conflicting stories about 21 horses taken from Hideaway Horse Center and other barns across PG CO on Monday. Seized horses are being held at PGEC and police were called there Tuesday to...
  5. Whats with the boots ?

    He looks like he's wearing wellies. Boot top way below breeches knee patch. You know the God of Turnout would have something to say about the height of boot to some unfortunate Jumping Clinic...
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    chicken folks - help !

    One of my Black Copper Maran hens is sporting a HUGE hematoma like lump on her chest. It almost touches the ground. Do chickens get hematomas ? About large grapefruit size soft swelling ??? She...
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    Chicken Folks - here's a stumper !!

    So a client of mine has a year old Black Copper Maran that had been laying the wonderful deep chocolate eggs they are known for. Within the last month her eggs have paled out and are now a BRIGHT...
  8. McFly, George McFly

    BF horse not the smartest and we started calling him "McFly" after the character in Back to the Future when he did dumb things. Now if you yell "McFly" he stops whatever he is doing and looks guilty....
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    Chicks harness/ blinder ?

    Is the Chick's catalog "Tough - 1" harness completely awful ? New to the driving world but know enough from other disciplines not to buy cheap tack. All I'm looking for is an entry level harness to...
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    The other night starving BF makes himself a...

    The other night starving BF makes himself a hotdog out of desperation, is gulping it down ravenously and has just popped the last bite in his mouth when he notices our Plott hound/ Beagle cross...
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    Middleburg Tack Exchange

    Can anyone tell me if its open this week ? If memory serves me, the owners close and travel the week btwn Xmas and NY ?? Nothing on the website and obviously closed today so can't call. I travel...
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    PNWjumper - ha ! I know whose clinic you were at...

    PNWjumper - ha ! I know whose clinic you were at ! He came East and suggested the same thing at my ICP Certification Clinic. No one knew whether or not to be horrified or tuck it away for further...
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    Plott Hound Puppy seeks farm home

    Have 9 mo neutered Plott Hound cross puppy looking for a farm home. He is great w kids/ cats/chickens/horses. Crate trained, housebroken, microchipped and UTD on all shots. Our current farm dog is...
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    so.... ??

    bumping this up hoping someone who went can tell us how it went and what prices were like...pretty please ??
  15. Driving trainers in the So Md/ NOVA/ SE PA ??

    If anyone can recommend a good place to send my pony mare to be broke to drive in a 2-3 hr radius from So MD I'd really appreciate it. What should I expect to pay for board and training and for how...
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    cross country dirtbikes

    I need a little dirtbike to run around the xc course on our farm during xc schools. Can anyone recommend a small (I'm a petite 5'2 and 100 lbs) inexpensive model, or a place to find one used ? If...
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    I almost hate to share this but my BO won't take...

    I almost hate to share this but my BO won't take another one as a boarder bc the ones we've had all seemed to be attached to the same petite older amateur beginner/ rerider adult who let them get...
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    Bacon grease !

    Our 2 yo Plott hound/Beagle cross was very itchy, always rolling around scratching her back, crawling under low tables to rub herself. We have found pouring the grease from our morning bacon over...
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    dog harness advice needed

    Today we brought home our new dog Daisy, Plott hound/ beagle mix, and she has already backed out of her harness TWICE in 4 hours ! Her neck is fatter than her head so no collar stays on her, which...
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    Finzean, you reminded me, a friend of mine had...

    Finzean, you reminded me, a friend of mine had several go broody at a time, she came in one day to find a STACK of four hens, all insisting on being in the same box, with the one on the bottom almost...
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    Dunk her !

    Great timing - I just did a search on broody chickens for myself and saw ya'll were already on it ! I have a Black Jersey Giant who is driving me crazy with this. She is the only one of our four...
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    Thanks sooo much !

    You guys have been very reassuring, thank you so much. Vet visited this morning and said these are edema's from decreased circulation due to baby's size and weight. I'm to monitor her for true bag...
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    sorry, meant to say 60 days from foaling

    She was AI'd June 18, 2012 so baby due this mid May. Ultrasounded positve at 21 days and rechecked negatively for twins 10 days later. She is on a 10% protein sweet feed, gets beet pulp, and mare...
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    bagging up at 60 days ?

    My pony mare, due to foal mid May, has funny swelling in front of her teats. Not hot, not sore but very odd elongated swelling alongside her belly line on both sides. Doesn't seem like foal...
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    Cherub's Casanova

    Crown Royal - I am excited for you ! That should be a fancy cross ! I talked a client into breeding her gorgeous little welsh mare to him a few weeks ago, she should get a nice one too. Now if the...
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