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  1. Jonesbug!!

    Just a quick note to Jonesbug.

    Your package was dropped off yesterday and it should get to you by the end of the week.

    Be careful cutting the tape, as I packed it right up to the top of the...
  2. Jonesbug!!


    Your package is going into the mail on Monday (12-3) from down here to up there!!

    Oh, and don't mind the wrapping paper and feel free to open it upon arrival.
  3. I would agree with the above posters that said to...

    I would agree with the above posters that said to modify the current run-in.
    Either knock down a wall and extend it out the side, knock down the back wall and extend it out the back or come out...
  4. Jonesbug!!


    I have been tracking your latest package to me and it seems to have gotten stuck at the post office. Hopefully it will get here soon, so it can ALL be boxed up together and sent off to...
  5. Oh Jonesbug, Oh Jonesbug, do not be blue today...

    Oh Jonesbug, Oh Jonesbug,
    do not be blue
    today a package arrived,
    number one of two!

    Monday will bring
    one more to me
    then off to the shops,
    for small goodies for thee!
  6. Jonesbug!!

    Jonesbug, Oh Jonesbug
    I am bursting with joy!

    I just ordered your gifts
    and I'm trying to be coy.

    I went a bit over my limit,
    but just by a few.

    who would have known
  7. Jonesbug!!

    I am jonesing for Jonesbug!

    Your SS is going to start shopping this weekend,

    I have a list,
    I have checked it twice,
    More color options
    would be nice.
  8. Jonesbug!!

    Oh, Jonesbug please check here or your PMs.

    I have sent one there and written here. I have a list of things to put in your package, but if I am not limited by colors it will be more fantastic! ...
  9. Jonesbug!!

    Your SS sent you a PM. I hope you get it and respond soon the clock is ticking !!
  10. Jonesbug!!

    Hello Jonesbug
    your SS is here
    I hope that you
    did not fear!

    Sorry, that is all the rhyming I've got.

    I have some questions about your location. I see that you live in one state, but go to...
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