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  1. I have now corrected my mis-use of cement and concrete ~ I apologize for my stupidity

    I have now corrected my posts in this thread mis-use of the terms cement and concrete ...

    I apologize I really was quite ignorant in that
    cement is just one of the three parts of...
  2. I was stating my Opinion My choice having lived daily with and without concrete aisle

    Once more to clarify ``

    I was simply adding my opinion on stonedust or concrete aisles having lived with both types at "home' and at trainers for decades

    My choice would be NO ! concrete ! ...
  3. The mare hit the concrete and fracture her pelvis ~ the mat had a 'chopped' top !

    Excuse me ! but the mat runner had a 'chopped' corregated top ... you could not slip on it if it was wet or dry no matter how a person or horse tried.

    She stopped quickly and crashed to the ground...
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    I apologize that this post offend you `` it was meant as informative

    SuckerForHorses ```` I apologize for my post which was meant as general information about gelding behavior ~

    I'm sorry if it offend you ... certainly not my intention :no:

    Again I apologize '
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    Yikes I did not mean to offend you ~ just giving my Opinion on the thread's theme

    First and foremost I apologize ... certainly did not mean to offend you in any way ~

    I was reading / catching up on coth and just added my opinions on the general tangent this thread has taken
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    It was & is for "THE LOVE FOR YOUR HORSE !" ((hugs))

    This was an accident ``` never to be fully understood ~

    This journey was/ is not 'all for nothing" :no:

    It was & is for your love for your horse ~

    Please take time to re-evaluate and...
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    IMHO ~ some geldings ( not many) can not be turnout with mares ~

    Some geldings can not be turn out safely with mares

    not a few mares

    not one mare

    * IMHO from years / decades of first hand experience ~

    * There is no reason to risk injury to one...
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    Still 'holding out" no one has convinced me of 'why I should or would like to join up


    mvp ~ I'm SO with you on this FB

    still holding out ! :lol:

    No one can convince me why I should or would need to JOIN UP !'
  9. NO ! the mat was not slippery ,,,, she did not...

    NO ! the mat was not slippery ,,,, she did not "bounce' !
  10. Thank you all for posting ``` made me feel better !

    Thank you posters ~ your information brightened my day !
  11. NO ! don't concrete aisle . live with packed stonedust / mat if and when necessary ~

    Having lost a mare stopping quickly on a mat on top of a concrete aisle ~ she fractured her pelvis ~ I say NO ! cement + water + aggregates = concrete!

    * Elegant Leader aka "Ellie' was at the...
  12. It's Over ~ MOVE ON ~ but 'do it right'!

    OK so this barn did not work for you and your needs !


    MOVE ON ! but do this in the 'right' way !

    Take two people with you
    Load up your 'stuff''
    One person helps
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    ASKO ~ $$$ expensive piece of $HIT ~ IMHO

    I'll refrain from a tantrum here ``

    just saying

    ASKO :eek::mad: EXPENSIVE PIECE of $hit !

    Thank you posters for all your recommendations for my next dishwasher :lol::D
  14. * ? for SquishTheBunny ``` please ~ Convenia 1-10 for feline ???

    * please if you would be so kind STB ? a question ~

    I have recently read about a concern with Convenia 1-10 and cats :confused:

    My vet has administered this anitbotic shot for several of my...
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    Yes ~ I get one every year why ??? not sure ?

    Yes, I get one every year `` already had mine for this year !

    Why ??... just because I always have gotten one :confused::lol:

    If this is not a 'sound' idea ????!~!? please advise TIA
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    Frustrating but seller contacting now (after July Aug Sept) shows hope ~ IMHO

    ** while this is frustrating and all the variables are not known to your friend :confused::lol:

    There are some hopeful indications :

    1. Seller has re-contacted (after long July Aug and most...
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    ENJOY ! Thrilled for YOU ~ driving is so much FUN !!!

    Enjoy ! Drving is SO much fun !

    and great exercise for a horse !

    Thrilled you found another way to spend time with your horse ~
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    Love this thread !!! more pplleeaasseee ?????!~!??!~ !!

    LOVE this thread !!!

    More pplleeaassee !~!??!~!??!!~
  19. Jingles & AO your gelding makes this transition soon ~

    I'm sorry this change started out badly ```

    Jingles & AO your gelding makes the transition soon ~

    Sometimes it takes a month plus ... especially when a horse has been * trimmed at the same...
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    It is All STILL THERE !!! just need a higher headed horse and a long ride in the ring

    It's ALL still there ```` your ability and comfort in the saddle :yes::D

    Just request a horse with a higher head carriage and a 'alone' ride in the ring by yourself ~~~ the tension will dissipate...
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    'This' like mvp`` only with a variation on the 'theme' !!!!

    I understand this completely .. as

    I don't want to be held responsible for all my friends' lives ...

    the constant "did you see my post ??" ( if you call it that ? :confused:on the wall a post...
  22. Thank You for posting this important warning !

    Thank you for posting this important warning !

    I am sorry you and your colt were in this incredible situation :eek:

    Please know your hands were tied by the 'buyer'

    Thank goodness the colt...
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    I completely understand your hesitancy ...... I have not joined up yet but ???

    ** I completely understand your hesitancy :yes:

    I have not bowed to the :eek: pressure :lol:


    feel myself caving :eek: slowly .......:o:lol::winkgrin:

    Someone 'save me !' !!!
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    Adding that I prefer a leather waterproof type boot ( insulated ) for the snow ..

    Adding .....

    While I love and live in my LL Bean 'duck' shoes/ boots for barn life ...

    I do not wear them in the warmer temperatures as they sweat my feet ...


  25. Thread: Losing an eye

    by Zu Zu

    Jingles & AO for your gelding to make a smooth transition !

    Jingles & AO for your gelding to make a smooth transition ~
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