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  1. Sadly one of my group can't attend either.

    ...and we have a combo set of balcony tickets for both Show Jumping and Dressage. In the balcony about the quarter line. We liked the seats for the dressage because you can see the bends, angles and...
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    Four more sleepless nights..

    For me! :lol:. We leave NC Tuesday afternoon and I Know there will be little sleep before then. I'm so excited I'm tingling. Saddened that one of our group can't attend, but it's me, my trainer and...
  3. Hoop/broadback tree

    Thorowgood cob/broadback, (changeable gullet plates as she grows and changes) Duetts (don't believe they have changeable plates but the they can widen the tree one size), Lovet & Ricketts, some Black...
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    Thorowgood T8 cob/broadback GP is a good all-around saddle choice

    The Thorowgood gullet plates are easy to change (IMHO much easier than Wintecs). I find the "broadback/cob" model usually works well for short backed horses, which many Arabs are. The T8 GP is...
  5. teeth

    I believe the OP mentioned FIVE upper teeth broken in half. Having dealt with two broken upper teeth, I can assure you it was no cake walk. Vet can probably do a much cleaner job by laying him...
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    COLT. EFFENDI. ...means ruler, caretaker, king
    FIlly: Ephemeral...light, whisky, spirit
    EFFERVESCE light, bubbly
  7. Braids

    Purplnurpl: Lovely!

    Thanks for the opinions. I will know more when I see the horse Tuesday. Personally I prefer the button braid on younger, less developed horses. From what the owner said, I...
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    Anyone heard whether Equessentials is planning to be at WC? I need to be remeasured and am always keen toa possible bargain.
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    I haven't been to the WC in ten years. The last time they sold a small radio tuned specifically to their Channel. How do they do it now?
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    Turnout 24/7 and a great deal of patience will help

    A fellow boarder at my barn has an 18h+ Dutch warmblood. He's on a special diet, vitamin E, gets 24/7 turnout and is in regular work. His shivers definitely increase when he's worried or nervous. ...
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    Love my Duett Fidelio

    Love, love, love it...and so does my trainer and every other person who has ridden in it. :winkgrin:. Will admit that I did reflock it with real wool about five years ago..and that made it even...
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    My doctor actually told me to keep riding!

    I have severe arthritis with some wicked bone spurs in the L4-L6 area. I went through a period where the spurs would "catch" and I couldn't straighten up. Physical therapy using balance balls to...
  13. Not the running braid. The ones that look more...

    Not the running braid. The ones that look more like a you see on many of th UL horses.

    I'm more comfortable with button braids, though I band mine and they usually stay in unless I...
  14. Button braids, Dutch braid,flat hunter plaits for 2yr old breed show and sales pics

    :confused:. I haven't seen the youngster yet, but what are the general rules of what's acceptable? I always thought the Dutch braids should be for the horse with a steady, well developed neck. ...
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    Dressage in WNC. alive and well if you know where to look

    There are several good trainers scattered about between Fletcher, Brevard & Hendersonville, but most of the action is just south in the Tryon area. Polk county has numerous warmblood breeding farms,...
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    Gullets bars for Thorowgood saddles

    Lusoluv is correct, square cantle = S bar, round cantle =R bar (just remember the first letter and shape of cantle = the type of bar).

    I've changed out many of them and they are quite easy and...
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    Flying changes with Appy

    I normally don't post videos online, but decided to do so this time. If the link works, click on the third picture, "Skyline Firedance Third 1".
  18. Toasty Toes

    Toasty Toes for abcesses. After soaking, dry hoof, apply your favorite drawing agent and put a Toast Toes on top of that, wrap as usual. The heat from them is enough to help the drawing agent, but...
  19. County

    Hate to say it, but sounds to me like you're dealing with a saddle REP and NOT a true saddle fitter. They are not always the same.

    Another thumbs up for County saddles. I rode in a County...
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    So proud of my 20yr old Appy...

    Last year my trainer set about teaching my Appy flying lead changes. This was done with the trainer riding the horse only three or four times a month. It is not something I know how to do.

    He went...
  21. Thread: Half pads

    by mtngirl

    Prolite Pads

    Prolite pads. Comes in a four or six pocket pad, each pocket with a thin and thick insert of shock absorbing foam. I use and sell them $130. Love the six pocket pad as it's of the bed things I've...
  22. I second sheltona 101s suggestion. I also use and...

    I second sheltona 101s suggestion. I also use and sell the Prolite pads. They have several sizes. I use and sell the six pocket pad the most. Comes with a thick and a thin insert for each pocket....
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    I'm in. A group of COTHers did this in 2007? ...

    I'm in. A group of COTHers did this in 2007? We met for breakfast at the MGM. It was one of the highlights of that trip. I think there were about 30 of u.
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    I had an "open cut" total hysterectomy and here...

    I had an "open cut" total hysterectomy and here is the advice my OB/GYN gave me: Six earlier. Your most dangerous time are weeks three to five post-op... because the worst of the soreness...
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    Six years post hip replacement here...and...

    Six years post hip replacement here...and probably looking at another one in the next 2-5 years. My riding is much better than it was prior to THR. An understanding trainer, PT and lunge lessons...
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