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    I Second That!!! Now I HAVE to read stick art thread too!!:eek:
  2. another one???

    Oh no (can't believe I am actually asking this.....) what is the How to Ride a Horse thread?
    **surely I will wish I had not asked this**
  3. one thread too many

    Is anyone else's head spinning fromtrying to keep their refences straight between the CCTL thread and the Child in Pasture thread?
    If it just me......ignore my mushy brain :)
  4. Manic-depressive

    This BB is going to send me to the head shrinker (where I may run into CCTL??).
    I have, for my delusional amusement, been keeping up with this thread and the "Child in my Pastures" thread (if you...
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    Holy Thread Batman!

    I made the unholy mistake of checking into this discussion late....SO I have gotten dirty looks from my boss today as I spent entirely too much time behind my computer screen...
  6. Good thread! I would LOVE to find my first...

    Good thread!

    I would LOVE to find my first trainer, Judy Dewyer (maybe spelled last name wrong).
    She worked at Dunham Woods Farm in Wayne, IL in the mid to late 80's.
    PM if you know of her!...
  7. warts and sunburn :-)

    Someone mentioned warts above.....I have not tried, but I have heard toothpaste works to help minimize and get rid of warts.

    Desitin (diaper rash ointment) works like a charm on sunburns (muzzles,...
  8. Probably not a secret, but.....

    Okay, here goes:
    - After body clipping, rinse with a WARM olive oil and apple vingar rinse (don't be shy about going heavy on both). Prevents fungus and that dry "just clipped" look. Makes your...
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