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  1. Siphon daughter - help me make lemonade?

    So my TB mare didn't catch this breeding for a sport horse and I keep reading about Private Zone, tho I can't afford Macho Uno, I would appreciate suggestions for what to do with her or how to form...
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    second Jens Richter

    Global Equine Sires is excellent broker.

    I've had my eye on Mighty Magic for a TB mare by Siphon. I've seen quite a few MMs for sale in Germany at considerable prices. Really nice looking...
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    I also know an olympian who rode a horse 1 day,...

    I also know an olympian who rode a horse 1 day, said she liked him, next day when she came back to ride again, horse was 40,000 pounds (sterling) more...bless 'em.
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    Had a seller double the price while the vet was...

    Had a seller double the price while the vet was flexing the mare and pronouncing her "sound"..."I decided I don't really wanna sell her. but my husband says if I can get [double] I should do it." ...
  5. well and truly pleased with our BDR filly

    she's only 2 so I don't know how she'll be to jump under saddle but she's very reasonable and tends to listen to what I ask...not hot or spooky about anything.
  6. [I'll check out some of the others but I'm...

    [I'll check out some of the others but I'm thinking Capone could be a good possibility. What does everything think about him? Not looking to sell the foal, it's a keeper so really looking for the...
  7. can't send you a private message (revenge of the...

    can't send you a private message (revenge of the office machines)..see if you can send me a message and I'll try to reply. I do know of some worthy mares in your area that you could consider.
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    for those of you who wean around 4 months, what...

    for those of you who wean around 4 months, what do you do about vaccinations and salt? do you vaccinate at 4 months? do you allow 4 month old access to salt lick?
  9. aberjack

    sitting in storage while we sort out the vets...
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    Baloubet du Rouet is chestnut, you're right, but the picture was Balou du Rouet

    The photo you posted of the bay horse with sloping croup was misidentified in earlier post as Baloubet du Rouet.

    The bay horse that was pictured is Baloubet's son Balou du Rouet (bay, 4...
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    that's not Baloubet du Rouet

    that's his son Balou du Rouet, who is ranked #24 WBFSH jumping sires. Balou is bay with 4 matching whites, Baloubet du Rouet is chestnut with a right fore and a left hind sock.
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    welcome to the dark side...

    I've used Klieder and would do again. He's very thorough and competes himself so his opinion if the horse can do her/his intended job has weight, in my book.
  13. could do an ET for you

    we could ship an embryo to Creekside in Texas and you could lease a recip mare through that clinic from Abrahams herd...or you could leave foal with us (with insurance) till s/he is 2.

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    Oh If I were in NZ

    I would breed to Christan Trainor's Jumbo son Glenhill Bounce.
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    oh the imagination reels

    The current discussion of Hickstead in NA makes me want to rethink using him on mares available in Europe. Provided the secret stash in the European can is still available, what mare should I...
  16. welcome to horseworld, you are now broke

    [QUOTE=Preposterous Ponies!;8008883]Hello All! I apologize if this thread is somewhat vague - mostly I'm just looking for your experiences getting established in the breeding industry, either as a...
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    the response I got from Rolex

    when I complained about the dog interfering with Buck (the first time) was:

    spectators like to have dogs with them and we won't have as many spectators if we have a no dog policy.

    so profit...
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    Is your gelding from Belgium: Belgian (BWP);...

    Is your gelding from Belgium: Belgian (BWP); Belgian Sport (sBs); Zangersheide (Z) or from The Netherlands: Dutch (KWPN)? 2 separate and distinct countries.

    I believe you can change Dutch...
  19. I tend to clutch the pearls when Belgian draft...

    I tend to clutch the pearls when Belgian draft crosses are marketed as Belgian Warmbloods (BWP)...I don't think I'd have the temerity to call out the misguided seller of said Belgian draft...
  20. State of Art, licensed son of Art Deco, is being...

    State of Art, licensed son of Art Deco, is being auctioned off this weekend. (Manitoba Canada) has an intact coloured colt for sale;

    I've just...
  21. oh that ol' RPSI Rheinlander mess

    As a seller of a Zweibrucker (RPSI) mare, I am continually frustrated by horsesale websites (including warmblood websites) that automatically dub the mare Rheinlander when I click on RPSI.

  22. I just saw one today advertised for sale on...

    I just saw one today advertised for sale on Facebook, nice looking gelding U/saddle.
  23. bont/colored/skewbald/piebald sport horse breeders

    2 full brothers in Canada: Tricolore and Sandstorm should have offspring, owned by Teri Erickson

    BWP stallion Socrates is 17 hands and Randy Johnson, greener pastures might have some intact colts...
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    maybe a private stash somewhere

    I did notice Ramiro listed out of stock on A-1, I think. So quite possibly someone has a dose (or icsi straw) in North America. Quite fancy his son, Randel Z.
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    trash talking? allegedly

    think of all the crow, the Lessee will have to eat when you do the right thing and honor the contract...just sayin'
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