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    Sports Medicine Boots

    I've been considering getting my '06 OTTB a set of SMB's for general schooling/rehab as we come back into work, but I'm concerned about a side effect a friend once had with her Dressage horse. Her...
  2. I am currently riding a 2008 OTTB that had...

    I am currently riding a 2008 OTTB that had tieback surgery, and he's perfect! He is a little touchy to come into frame, but that is from racing with the problem, and he's coming around easily to...
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    Any other musicians?

    Hey! I was just wondering if any one else played musical instruments(vocal cords do count). I play electric bass, my sister plays electric guitar, and my sister's boyfriend plays electric guitar. If...
  4. That is remarkable! my mother's old gal had EPM,...

    That is remarkable! my mother's old gal had EPM, and we kept her going for about ten years before she went down one day and we all knew that it was time. The difference? The old girl(Dolly) had been...
  5. Walk

    One word: walk him. walk, gut sounds, walk, repeat.he can drink a *little*, one sip maybe, if he's doing better after ~30 minutes. inject banamine(as directed by vet) and walk him more, once you've...
  6. Intresting- my mom(don't laugh) was a hunter...

    Intresting- my mom(don't laugh) was a hunter rider and ALWAYS gets on me for bite on left. Bite on right, always! It's more comortable and easier for me to use- My horse needs a more active...
  7. Monoflap saddles in the hunter ring? Improving bascule? Proper way to sit canter...

    Hello everyone,
    I ride a 7yo OTTB with a great hunter-y movement who is very willing and has lots of talent. (Brag: She oversteps in the trot by a full 2", and if I really ask I can get 3" out...
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    Saddle Pads and Rubbing girths

    So here's the list:
    Saddle Pads I purchased a new M. Tolouse Marielle about five months ago. I LOVE it! It is literally the only saddle that would accommodate my (apparently) freakishly long femur....
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    I think the cause is just standing in the mud(her...

    I think the cause is just standing in the mud(her paddock is low, the grass is tall in the pasture, we've gotten rain every. day. since the start of this month or more, and the highest point on the...
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    Seriously? that's really freaky! *sigh* guess...

    Seriously? that's really freaky! *sigh* guess it's possible if my sister broke her arm slipping off into soft sand!
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    Rosie has never been unsound before this in the two and a half years I've had her. She was pulled at Rally this year once for being stiff, but she had just ridden 4 hours in a trailer.

    She's a...
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    no, the foot hasn't been xrayed. Fracture would...

    no, the foot hasn't been xrayed. Fracture would be mind-blowing for us, as she was hardly worked for the weeks prior- she always gets two weeks off after Rally season ends. (although we where doing...
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    Abscess advice?


    So, My 7yo OTTB pulled lame on 6-6-13, blew the abscess on 6-28-13:D, and apparently has ANOTHER abscess in the same foot now. The day after we thought it was just soreness from prolonged ...
  14. Can't say I blame you! We have an OTTB on stall...

    Can't say I blame you! We have an OTTB on stall rest as I type.
    This is what we'll eventually end up with, most likely:
    Note the...
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    Do you like it?

    You have no clue how jealous I am. The Marielle is literally the ONLY saddle that fits my leg. I'm 5'9", 130lbs, mostly leg, in my teens(Between twelve and fifteen:cool:). *sigh* I've been saving...
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