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  1. I bought a pair of fleece lined tall waterproof...

    I bought a pair of fleece lined tall waterproof timberlands for $150 this fall. Excellent value and i have gotten lots
    If good use of them
  2. My size sold out

    But duluth trading co sells shirts that are longer and designed for farm working chicks
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    I have the Heritage ones. Must be the...

    I have the Heritage ones. Must be the extremes....pretty waterproof up until about the 15th bucket. Pretty warm but a bit bulky
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    I might have been told once that I have...

    I might have been told once that I have everything in my car. Oh you need a flexicurve, ask Mellsmoms she's prolly got one in her car. Yes, yes I do carry one!
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    I think I might be inclined to say something...

    I think I might be inclined to say something like..... I heard you and so and so are engaged. I think that you are so strong of a person to forgive him after our affair. I am so sorry for the part I...
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    I just lost mine less than 2 weeks ago

    I wrote about him in my blog. Read it if you want another description of what it is to have ine.
    He has been the center of my life for 15 years and I do not know
    How to go forward without him. ????
  7. Soaked pellets?

    Can you add soaked grass pellets? I am using them for my stall rested hirse. Not the cubes but orchard grass pellets.
    I make it more like grass soup.

    UOTE=FindersKeepers;7254766]It was...
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    Donate him

    Ali you can donate him to sally lam for the tax write off. She can find someone to deal with it plus you will stop paying board and throwing $$$$ at him
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    Indy schooling hunter shows?

    I have a client switching from western to English and she wants to do a few schooling shows this fall. Any recommendations? Must be fun relaxed atmosphere.

  10. Find the one that clicks

    Every time I shop, if the horse just clicks right away it ends up being great. If I talk myself into the horse or I am not in love with it, it does not work out. That being said, the ones I have...
  11. Sticky: Pick me!!!! Waves hand. Horseless rider in...

    Pick me!!!! Waves hand. Horseless rider in Jamestown, In. Need to get back to riding slowly as well and would love to have a project. Am currently not working so great flexible schedule....
  12. Sticky: Horseless Rider north of Indianapolis

    Need to find something to ride to get fit again. Experienced rider and trainer. If you are looking for someone to keep your horse going or get one fit, I'm your girl.
  13. Having surgery 3/22

    For a labral tear related to 11/2011 car accident. :-( Arthroscopic with some minor work to keep this from re-curring. Which, I dunno I can't see myself getting into another hellatious accident in...
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    I'll add to your bump

    I just had to replace my brake lines AGAIn after 16 months. SUPPOSEDLY when I asked them to replace the front and back lines after they FAILED..they didn't do the middle section. WTF? What I SAW with...
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    A different job

    maybe she just wants to have a different job than the one she has. My mare is unhappy doing a lot of flatwork, so what makes her happy is jumping. We warm her up a bit, then jump some then go back...
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    I have one that I have had for years, motion...

    I have one that I have had for years, motion activated. Love it! HAve subsequently tried three times to get another one, the brand that Lowe's carries now does not work :-(
  17. I have one

    Retired at age 8 from injuries. He's 19 now and looks great. Retire the mare, get something to ride and remind yourself that you have nothing to prove to anyone. Your gut is usually right with these...
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    Upscale auctions in Va

    I have a horse that I need to move along and all conventional meansof selling her have failed. Am hoping that someone knows of a nicer type action in VA this spring where I could take her since...
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    Lots of qualities

    1) self-sacrifice and dedication- A good instructor will answer that frantic text about poop or feed, etc while on vacation. :-)
    2) Honesty about how hard this sport is, what it takes to succeed and...
  20. Thread: Gossip Girl

    by mellsmom

    Because I am a total loser...

    I watched it last night. Didn't see the GG reveal coming. LOVED the part with the GG voice girl (Veronica Mars) and (Zoey Hart aka Summer from the OC) reading for the parts of S & B. Did have a hard...
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    Sadly, I've been pricing places in Indiana

    and I won't be able to buy what I have already. Sad isn't it :-( I'm in between Richmond and Charlottesville, right off the interstate.
    Most people around here are underwater on their loans if they...
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    I would love a small farm

    I think:-)
    I have 10.5 acres here and a fairly big house (sigh). I have spent the last 5 years building this place. I have a 90 x 200 sand outdoor arena with lights. Cute 3 stall shedrow barn with...
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    Can you send me a personal e-mail at The new COTH format does not run on either of my browsers so I can't send you a PT :-(

    I am just really sad about the culture shock. I have...
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    Thanks for the input

    I am dreading leaving the heart of area 2 where ulrs are around every corner and I have too many choices during the show season. We have built our own little eventing haven here and I am sad to think...
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    Horse scene in Indianapolis, Indiana

    What is it like? Is there any? Spouse on the job hunt again. FYI, I freakin hate snow and cold weather..not looking favorably at this location myself, but not really my choice.
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