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  1. ALS Ice Bucket Challenge - Horse Says "Okay Buddy, I Got It!"

    Pretty original! :D
  2. Dujardin/Valegro - 92.161% Winning WEG 2014 Freestyle - Video

    Enjoy! :)
  3. Marathon Driving with Lipizzaners - Carriage Viewpoint!

    Power, finesse, teamwork - SUPER! :yes:
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    Equine Moving Service Back in the Day

    Need a shed moved? This was how you did it, circa 1930.
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    A Day With a Race Track Outrider

    Look at some of the incredible catches performed by this outrider. Wow!
  6. Letting Young Boys Be Boys Around Horses

    And what a good group of horses! They are like "meh". :)
  7. Oh I've been beaten to a post a few times! As I'm...

    Oh I've been beaten to a post a few times! As I'm reminded by CotHers when I post something that as already been posted. Sort of along the line: "Hey you! This has already been posted. Try to keep...
  8. Now This is the BEST Rider/Horse Ice Bucket Challenge!

    WOW! :encouragement: This cowboy and his fabulous horse shows how it is done!

    For those who don't have...
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    Mules Pulling a Combine Harvester

    Our equines have the easy life!

    And look at all the mules they used back in the day!

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    Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall . . .

    . . . who is that in my stall? :D
  11. You do know NOAA blew the winter forecast last...

    You do know NOAA blew the winter forecast last year and they admitted it.
  12. Sell Your Farm NOW! Winter Forecast - "Refriger-nation"!!

    Hated last winter on your farm? Well, the forecast is even worse for this winter according to The Farmer's Almanac. Might be time to sell the farm!
  13. Crow Tribe Girls on Their Beautifully Outfitted Horses

  14. Native American Crow Tribe Girls on Their Beautifully Outfitted Horses

  15. This Photo Shows You How Hard Stagecoach Horses Worked Back in the Day

    1918. Billings, MT. Wow.
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    Is This T-Shirt Your Life?

  17. When the Gate Says "Keep Out", Believe It

  18. The Fall 2014 Theoretical Courses for the SRS

    For those who may wish to be at the SRS this fall and participate.
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    A Donkey Dressage Driving Team

    Well matched and looking good! :yes:
  20. Is This The Best Dragon Pony in the World?

    I think so! :yes:
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    Equine Communal Bliss

    Nothing better than snoring and farting. :D
  22. It's Good to Start Driving Lessons Very Young

  23. You Can Now Have a Robot Camera Filming Your Rides at Home

    As demonstrated by dressage rider Catherine Henriquet.
  24. The Horse Pulls the Trolley Up and Then Gets a Ride Back Down

    Yep, this is how it was done back in the day! Love the official hat on the horse.
  25. Jacqueline Kennedy Visits the Spanish Riding School

    The days of Camelot and the SRS.
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