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    No opinion on JP

    Not attending but IF you all are talking about the clinic this weekend outside KC, the organizer is definitely encouraging auditor and riders.

    If you all talking about another clinic the I have...
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    just some more food for thought in case you change you mind over the next 9 months

    I am a BMW owner. Have had the X3 and now have the X5. I would never, never, never even consider hauling with either as being safe. The towing weight is just part of the is the...
  3. Two Thumbs Up

    I have known and watched Emily for more than a decade now. Salt of the earth, humble, hard working and ethical family! It has been wonderful to see Emily's success, and she has earned every single...
  4. Thread: Hay Huts

    by stoneymeadow

    Love my Hay Huts

    I have four of them; one in each pasture. They have been great and have saved a ton of hay! haven't had any problems with manes or horses fighting or dominate horses. We do tighten the bolts every...
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    my horse is allergic to the silicone on needles.....

    Yes, i would be very upset! My horse is allergic to the silicone on needles and has to have special silicone free needles.

    I am also a BO. no horse gets injected without the owner's permission...
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    Coulter Equine Transport is KC based

    Highly recommend Coulter Equine Transport. They are based in KC and highly regarded. Only service many that I know will use. They are the first I would call and if they couldn't do it, I would...
  7. Support and Hugs!

    I am in the situation with two retirees who both have lameness issues. They made through this winter with some TLC but I know that each winter is going to get harder and harder. Summer heat will...
  8. standard language by any BO who has consulted a good attorney

    We ran a 54 stall facility for 12+ yrs and recently downsized to a nice, quiet 12 stall private facility :) As a BO, this is standard language for anyone who has consulted a good attorney!
  9. My horse has a silicon allergy! I get mine from...

    My horse has a silicon allergy! I get mine from AirTight. all my vets carry them now too. I carry them in my trailer as well. Got pulled for USEF testing at a show and initially they insisted that...
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    Check the ego at the barn door!

    first of all, ditto to all the advice from Meup. Not going to repeat but encourage you to read and re-read her posts. And I agree that you have lost confidence in your trainer if you truly believe...
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    Amy Larson is based out of my barn so I 'know'...

    Amy Larson is based out of my barn so I 'know' Mimi and Cygnus from afar. It is not easy to pick up the reins from a successful rider and build a partnership of your own....but Mimi has worked her...
  12. Felicitas von-Neumann Cosel

    I second Felicitas. I've hosted clinics with her from when I was a very green dressage rider on my $1 breed stock paint to being a less green dressage rider on my FEI gelding. I am in awe of her...
  13. I get where he is coming from

    I did all the crazy, stupid things on the back yard pony as a child and my parents never knew about half of them. And I have thought back on them and am amazed that my friends and I came through...
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    Poll: CKD is what changed my habits

    I wore a helmet "most" of the time before the CKD accident. If I was out in the arena and had forgotten it, I just rode without it. If it was sweaty from a previous ride, I would skip it.

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    my horse has same issue

    My horse also suffered from exercised induced airway obstruction caused by allergies. We live in the midwest so his was seasonal. And I understand not wanting to go the steroid route....I did that...
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    Sticky: just west of Kansas City

    representing the midwest!

    we have a farm about 20 miles west of downtown KC.
  17. Very sad story out of North Dakota regarding dead and starving horses

    Had not seen this posted already so I wanted to get it out.....dozens of starving and neglected horses with over 90 found dead on the property.

    link is to the rescue facebook page that took in...
  18. step back, breathe and reset goals!

    Yes, we did this in 2012! Huge decision to sell our 54 stall training facility but changes in life made it more and more challenging. My job had doubled and my mom's health was declining. I worked...
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    shipping help

    I am in Kansas but can help with some trailering if any of the horses need to hitch around out in my neck of the woods.

    Also here to help you in any way I can as we PM'd about!!!
  20. Tequila!!


    My first dressage show ever was basically a dare. I had a really bad fall about 6 months earlier – hospital for a week, walker for a month, PT for years. Didn’t think I would ever ride...
  21. I installed GGT June and all went well

    I installed the Dressage GGT from Premiere Equestrian in my new indoor this past June. I was scared we would screw it up. We watched the video over and over, talked to some others who had just done...
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    NCRider - I implied no such thing. You have not...

    NCRider - I implied no such thing. You have not read for content and are making up what you write. No sentiment as you indicated was in either of my posts and your comments bother me. If you read...
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    absolutley relevant!

    NCRider - I'm sorry if I didn't connect my points clearly to the OP's question but I do believe my story is very relevant to the discussion. Never said my OTTB was representative of all OTTBs and...
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    Ditto to YellowBritches. And to many of the...

    Ditto to YellowBritches. And to many of the other comments about the many wonderful OTTBs that are out there. You already seem to be taking the feedback to spend the $$$ and get a horse (OTTB or...
  25. Found is Skookum

    Thanks Caffinated for the tips. I found race video from Prairie Meadows. From the race video I was pretty certain it was Skookum and we now have confirmation from the breeder. So this guy is 2002...
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