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  1. Actually I no.longer live in va so there are no...

    Actually I no.longer live in va so there are no options for MR I or strong diagnostic pelvic xrays. Closest place is a little over 4 hours. We did do an internal ultrasound as well. And a biopsy...
  2. Speak to me of Cauda Equina Syndrome and/or Unusual EPM presentation

    My lovely 3 year old mare started experiencing what appeared to be a slipping stifle, but only on occasion when she was turning and startled a bit. She was very gangly when I got her an all angles....
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    10 thumbs up for Greystone.

    Loved being at Erons.

    QUOTE=SarahKing;7722364]You are in my neck of the woods then. Howdy, neighbor!

    Geographically, Eron Owens of Grey Stone eventing at IRUS Stables in Lebanon may be...
  4. Thread: bridle sizing

    by mellsmom

    bridle sizing

    My small headed mare needs a bridle for her we inspection. I think I need either a large pony or small cob bridle. Any suggestions?
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    So sorry for the loss of your guy

    So sorry for the loss of your guy
  6. The sire has some sort of isr approval so i need...

    The sire has some sort of isr approval so i need to check into it with the registry
  7. Mine has also sat too long. I am giving the...

    Mine has also sat too long. I am giving the clover and grass hay to the guy cutting it for his cows. It's 5 -6 acres and we need to do soil testing, spray for weeds/to kill the damn clover and plant...
  8. Which Breed Association to register with?

    I have recently acquired two unbroken three year old mares. I know, but uhm... the donkey made me do it! Anyway, one of the mares will be inspected in September by the Westfalen folks.
    The other...
  9. Secretary of State

    Was an UL dressage horse and son of Sectetariat.
    Owned a mare out of this bloodline. Very athletic
    But really wanted to be a first flight field hunter. She
    Is showing in ll eventing and jumpers in...
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    rehabbing a bow

    Cute lesson pony bowed in early April. He was on stall rest for about 5 weeks and has been in small paddocks since then. Initial presentation was swelling/hot/lame. Took a looong time to cool/set. He...
  11. Need to sell horse fast...consignment recommendations Kentucky?

    I need to move my horse along pretty quickly. I am located in Central Indiana but feel like Ky might be a better market to sell him. Any suggestions on who has a good record of selling horses quickly...
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    I board at that barn ETR

    I am actually getting a part bred filly this summer.

    QUOTE=enjoytheride;7578653]There's a barn in my area that has a bunch of them in their breeding program. Most of them came from Russia and...
  13. Thread: Price Gap

    by mellsmom

    Regional variances

    I was looking in Feb/March and found very little to look at from VA, to Aiken to fl to Indiana. Looking to spend no more than 10 but could have been flexible for the perfect horse. Very little out...
  14. I bought a pair of fleece lined tall waterproof...

    I bought a pair of fleece lined tall waterproof timberlands for $150 this fall. Excellent value and i have gotten lots
    If good use of them
  15. My size sold out

    But duluth trading co sells shirts that are longer and designed for farm working chicks
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    I have the Heritage ones. Must be the...

    I have the Heritage ones. Must be the extremes....pretty waterproof up until about the 15th bucket. Pretty warm but a bit bulky
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    I might have been told once that I have...

    I might have been told once that I have everything in my car. Oh you need a flexicurve, ask Mellsmoms she's prolly got one in her car. Yes, yes I do carry one!
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    I think I might be inclined to say something...

    I think I might be inclined to say something like..... I heard you and so and so are engaged. I think that you are so strong of a person to forgive him after our affair. I am so sorry for the part I...
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    I just lost mine less than 2 weeks ago

    I wrote about him in my blog. Read it if you want another description of what it is to have ine.
    He has been the center of my life for 15 years and I do not know
    How to go forward without him. ????
  20. Soaked pellets?

    Can you add soaked grass pellets? I am using them for my stall rested hirse. Not the cubes but orchard grass pellets.
    I make it more like grass soup.

    UOTE=FindersKeepers;7254766]It was...
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    Donate him

    Ali you can donate him to sally lam for the tax write off. She can find someone to deal with it plus you will stop paying board and throwing $$$$ at him
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    Indy schooling hunter shows?

    I have a client switching from western to English and she wants to do a few schooling shows this fall. Any recommendations? Must be fun relaxed atmosphere.

  23. Find the one that clicks

    Every time I shop, if the horse just clicks right away it ends up being great. If I talk myself into the horse or I am not in love with it, it does not work out. That being said, the ones I have...
  24. Sticky: Pick me!!!! Waves hand. Horseless rider in...

    Pick me!!!! Waves hand. Horseless rider in Jamestown, In. Need to get back to riding slowly as well and would love to have a project. Am currently not working so great flexible schedule....
  25. Sticky: Horseless Rider north of Indianapolis

    Need to find something to ride to get fit again. Experienced rider and trainer. If you are looking for someone to keep your horse going or get one fit, I'm your girl.
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