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  1. It wouldn't be Off Topic Day with out the is my spouse cheating thread right??

    Or is there already another one out there already??

    Ok so here is the scenario. I am desperately in love with DH and I am worried that it clouds my judgement. We have a 3 year old and I have a 8...
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    So I am curious about the industry standards.

    How many pros out there have had too or had someone else sign a "non-compete" clause or contract? basically something that restricts what a person can...
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    Horse spiked a temp but otherwise ok

    My horse had been in for two days because of the holidays, all stall horses stay in to make it easier on staff that has to feed during these times.

    Yesterday morning he wouldn't finish his...
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    Ha the saddle is brand new here!! I actually...

    Ha the saddle is brand new here!! I actually ended up taking the thigh blocks out a few months later and shortening my stirrups a whole. I couldn't do it with the thigh blocks in, really...
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    Critique thread...because I'm bored

    I would love a critique on me, my horse...the good the bad the ugly etc... (sorry so long you can always skip to the pictures:D)

    A little background: This horse was purchased as a school horse...
  6. Maybe your trainer really told you that you could...

    Maybe your trainer really told you that you could braid but said braids had to be practiced and approved by the trainer before you left the barn? Then you decided not to braid at the show?....Just a...
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