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    OK, y'all, here I go. I fell off my horse while...

    OK, y'all, here I go. I fell off my horse while schooling at a hunter show last Memorial Day weekend. Fused c4-c5 and bruised my spinal cord. Given 50-50 chance of ever walking again and am...
  2. good to hear it!

  3. Market picking up as economy recovers?

    Attention BO'/show promoters: My trainer who buys/sells a lot of horses says the market is picking up. I'm curious whether people who run stables or shows see the same thing going on. Any feedback...
  4. Center Peace Farm

    If you want to branch out into Maryland horse market nearby, try Center Peace Farms....Prettyman family well known, honest and lots of connections.
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    Touche' Touchstone

    The field I entered 35 years ago (journalism) no longer exists to the extent that a young person used to be make a decent income as an entry-level journalist and get promoted down the line into...
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    Poll: Hi Duckz!!!

    What do you pay extra for blanketing, holding for farrier/vet? What are lessons? I'm just curious because my farm, 25 min's from DC and 10 min's from No Va/Alexandria full board/large...
  7. Try

    My trainer, Lyndi, who owns Centerpeace, is down in Wellington now marketing/selling high dollar horses. Her farm's in Lanham and her brother's Pickwick Stables is in Howard County---not precisely...
  8. Morgan jumper

    He's got the jump, he turns beautifully, he's got the speed. I see lots of potential there, for whatever that is worth.....
  9. i just bought off

    Don't look at dreamhorse much. Don't forget youtube.
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    Hi all: in so. Md./no. Va. I have never, ever...

    Hi all: in so. Md./no. Va. I have never, ever seen any trainers be anything but perfectly friendly in public. Sure they may talk to their clients about each other but the classy ones whose dance...
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    I am in awe of all of yours---great jobs!

    Now here's mine in my signature for an effort by a rank amateur using GoDaddy which my graphic designer in my real job says is the most difficult web-design software he knows of---too tough for him...
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    Thanks all!! very helpful......

    i could afford edgewood/ADT when they were $450 for the bridle/reins/standing martingale. but now that they are north of $650 for the same thing, it's gotten other-worldly far as I'm concerned. I...
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    Bobby's English Tack?????

    Anybody use Bobby's bridles, martingales? Thoughts, versus Edgewood, ADT? Thanks!
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    10 year old OTTB jumping 3'

    Last year I bought a very fancy, made 3' hunter who was winning everything in the 3' at the state level for that amount. He's a fabulous horse and vetted perfectly even though he was not a...
  15. Sticky: Made 3' hunter avail. full lease 17 miles from US Capitol

    Fancy, fancy, made, made, made 15'2" TB G available to petite hunter/eq. rider for rare, inexpensive full lease (board + expenses only, no lease fee.) Join boutique hunter barn with A-circuit,...
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    Riding for the relationships

    I ride to A-bond with my horses, B-exercise, C-have fun with the people at my barn. All those things are critical to me. It's the whole package. Showing is helpful in that it gives me something to...
  17. Sticky: 2 riderless hunter horses near DC, Old Town Alexandria

    Hi, all! Two half-leases available on two tall hunter horses available close to Capitol Hill, National Harbor. Both have tons of show miles. One is a 17' caretaker looking for a horseless adult...
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    lorib: you're too awfully right about that! it...

    lorib: you're too awfully right about that! it is horribly sad!!!!

    I hate to see agricultural land go on the market, it always ends up in McMansions and townhouses. Sad.
  19. Sticky: Fancy 3' show hunter needs DC area rider

    If you are ready to show this spring in Md., Va. & Pa. and like good ribbons, this is the guy for you. 16'2" TB with many, many schooling , C- & B-show championships and year-end championships to...
  20. Bluey: The HSUS, you know, that group that...

    The HSUS, you know, that group that wants, amongst other distracting agendas, to eliminate all use of animals by humans, eventually.

    Hey Bluey: This is such a pile of manure that no one...
  21. jenarby: glad cc is home, but this should stand...

    jenarby: glad cc is home, but this should stand as a lesson to all that there's no such thing as a forever home except for your own.

    misty blue: as one trained as a lawyer married to a...
  22. Thread: n/a

    by Geroni-mo-oh-oh

    Halter Alter: Look for automatic waterers!

    I'm kind of kidding, bec. automatic waterers, too, can be inadvertently left off. But your next barn should have them bec. the likelihood of no water in the stall is much, much lower than if barn...
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    Poll: Another thought: If you can't find a half-lease,...

    Another thought: If you can't find a half-lease, what makes you think you're going to find a buyer who is going to pay you what you'd like to get for the horse you do sell? The market stinks right...
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    Response to low quality

    Big Grey: With all due respect you should check your facts on your "low quality noone wants them" claim. The Humane Society has done a study showing the average age of horses shipped to slaughter...
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    pAin't, etc: And please to someone you know and...

    pAin't, etc: And please to someone you know and trust!!!!!!!!
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