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    American Holsteiner Inspection Process

    Hi Everyone! Can anyone give me information about the holsteiner inspection process? I bought a 3 year old filly who has yet to go through the process. I would really like to proceed with it this...
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    Need opinions or ideas

    Hi everyone! I'm posting on behalf of a friend of mine, just to see what's out there and what you guys think. I have not spent too much time in dressage world to know the answers to some of their...
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    I would check your state laws regarding the "law...

    I would check your state laws regarding the "law of abandonment" when it comes to equine. Because you have been paying the bills for the horse for a number of years without contract, it may be...
  4. Thank you guys for your input. I think this...

    Thank you guys for your input. I think this season will be a great deal of fun and my mare will learn alot.
  5. Anyone with experience in competing in Jumpers and Eventing?

    Background: I have a very athletic but very sensitive saddlebred/tb mare that I compete in the 3'6" jumpers and she's very competitive at that height. Towards the end of this past season a friend of...
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