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  1. I've entered two in the NEH....two very different...

    I've entered two in the NEH....two very different types, a 5yr old TB and a pony! Should be interesting to say the least.

    And just an FYI for all the USEA Area III Adult Rider members: The Area...
  2. Cedar Ridge Farm info

    I have been in contact with Carolyn of Cedar Ridge Farm and it seems that the USEA is requiring them to pay $300 if they wish to have the event info posted on the USEA website, so she is just posting...
  3. Cedar Ridge Farm, Athens, GA FEH/NEH/YEH August 9-10

    Well, it's that time of year again and I'm starting to encourage those of you with young horses to enter Cedar Ridge Farm's event. They do a great job every year and have improved each time.

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    Thank you for the responses

    I want to say a big Thank You to those of you that emailed me about the August Endurance News magazine. I really appreciate it. I'm excited to be getting a copy of my own!
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    Endurance News magazine August Issue

    I am hoping someone here can help me. If someone receives Endurance News and is finished with their August issue and no longer wants it, I would love to pay for the shipping in order to have a copy....
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    NEH (New Event Horse) @ Cedar Ridge Farm

    If anyone has a horse that may not be ready for a full HT or doesn't fit the YEH (Young Event Horse) requirements but you'd like to 'test the waters' in a low cost, less stressful, introduction to...
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    String girths

    I used one years ago and liked it and can't say for sure why I changed unless it was just a fad thing.

    I cleaned my with mild detergent, yours may have cleaning suggestions, but I made a...
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    Brenderup floor

    I had to replace mine but it was before the Texas group closed up shop. I ordered the floor and they shipped it to the facility I had install it. Don't know if the new parts place can handle that...
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    COTH ATC VA Nov 2-4

    Hi All

    Area III Adult Riders are again expressing interest in attending COTH ATC and forming teams or joining others when 'teams' are short.

    I've reached out to Areas I, II and VIII to see if...
  10. Aiken stalls

    You could also check out the Area III website. I've seen some listed in the Items/Services and the Misc. sections.

    Good luck!
  11. Wrong

    I'm sure Miriam will chime in but Devan is male. He is a very personable, enthusiastic individual that seems to well support his growing student base. He's quite often with them at schooling shows...
  12. Message delivered

    I've sent a message to her, don't worry if it's a bit of a delay hearing from her. She teaches High School and is a busy lady.

    I do know he was bred in Jefferson, GA by another horse person. ...
  13. German Shepard @ AEC

    I would bet money that it was/is my bestest friend, Liz and Ranger. He is stunning isn't he? And he is so focused on his 'mamma' that he's been know to 'hunt her down' if he happens to be loose.
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    Also East Coast COTH ATC

    Has anyone considered doing it as part of a Team?

    The Area III Adult Riders are going to try and get some members up there and hopefully send one team, but even if a few go, we'll try and get them...
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    Metro Atlanta CC schooling

    Cedar Ridge Farm Athens, GA

    Poplar Place Farm Hamilton, GA

    Big Bear Farm, Pine Mountain, GA

    Ashland Farm is near Covington but you have to either be a member or be a guest of a member
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    The Ark's FEH/YEH/NEH

    I agree with casemonster, it was a good day at The Ark. The judge today was Kate Hutchings and she was very patient with these young horses. She took the time to repeat walks/trots to try and have...
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    Cedar Ridge Farm

    Wow, that would be great to have you bring two from KY and it looks like it might be a trip home for you to boot.

    I sent you a pm about the braiding.
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    Cedar Ridge Farm

    Sounds great everyone. Just in case someone needs a quick link to their website:

    And more specifically, here the News page link: ...
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    Cedar Ridge Farm FEH/NEH/YEH 3 weeks

    Cedar Ridge has posted a entry status on their website and although it's early days, the entries are low. I'm hoping that entries start coming in quickly to make it worth their while to host the...
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    I can probably help out

    Wit's End, I've sent you an PM. I am sure we can work it out and I can assist while at The Ark.
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    The Ark FEH/YEH/NEH-one week away!

    Head count for The Ark? We're bringing one 3yr old FEH, Holly's bringing Danny for his yearling debut and Liz is bringing Party for the NEH.

    So sad it's our last FEH @ The Ark, it's been a great...
  22. Point conversion

    I did a search and found this. Just double check that it is in deed current.

    How an event converts your Dressage score to penalty points is as follows:

    The good marks from 0 to 10 awarded by...
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    NEH entry forms ready on USEA

    Just received and email from Leslie @ USEA and the new NEH entry forms are available to download on the YEH page.

    Great work Leslie and fast!
  24. NEH entry forms added to USEA

    In case you missed the new thread regarding which entry form to use for NEH, I just received word from Leslie @ USEA that the new forms are posted on the YEH page on the right hand side.
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    NEH entry forms update!

    Just got email from Leslie @ USEA and the NEH entry forms are up.

    Go to the YEH page and there is a link for the NEH forms.

    Go Leslie!
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